The Role of the Family in the Success of Drug Treatment Centers for Teens in Utah

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One of the special populations being increasingly treated and rehabilitated at a variety of drug addiction centers are teenagers.

Recent studies show that the age of individuals at the time of their first exposure to drugs are getting younger and younger. In 2011, it was reported that many teenagers got their first exposure to drugs during their 10th grade. Four years later in 2014, this data was changed to 8th grade. While drug treatment centers for teens in Utah are providing exemplary addiction treatment services for this segment of the population, there is one critical element to ensuring the success of such programs – the respective families of these addicted teenagers.

Experts agree that the family plays a very important role in either the development of the teenager’s addictions or his or her eventual recovery. Child development psychologists believe that dysfunctional family dynamics, broken family relationships, and other issues in the family and the home can lead certain teenagers to resort to the use of drugs as a means of escaping their realities. It is also said that homes that are filled with domestic violence and child abuse are often factors that can push a teenager to use drugs because this is an effective way for them to forget the abuses and mental and emotional harm they suffer from the hands of certain family members. Many drugs provide euphoric effects making teenagers feel invincible and immune to such problems.

Unfortunately, many teenagers who resort to drugs also fail to realize that there are other more constructive ways of managing such stresses and anxieties in their lives. Specialists again point to failure in parenting especially in terms of developing their kids’ emotional and mental skills. More importantly, children are not taught about the different ways in which they can cope with a variety of stresses.

Nevertheless, in cases where the family clearly doesn’t have a hand in the addiction of the teenager, many drug treatment centers for teens would still want to include the family in the therapeutic regimen. This is because, whether they like it or not, the family is also affected by the teenager’s addiction issues. Psychoeducation and family counseling therapies are thus provided to enable families to verbalize their very own concerns, gain a deeper understanding of the nature of addiction, and learn how they can help their addicted family member to recover.

Families of teenaged addicts are expected to support their family member’s efforts at leading an addiction-free life. As such, they need to learn the different techniques as well as strategies on how they can provide support without necessarily looking down on the teenager. Such is critical if the whole program of rehabilitation is to be successful.

Drug treatment centers for teens provide the best resources for families to strengthen their relationships and family dynamics. They will be taught on how to show compassionate caring while at the same time fostering a nurturing home environment necessary for the recovery of the addicted teenager. Only then can successful recovery be ascertained.

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