Music Industry Veteran Alonzo Robinson Is Chosen to Head Book Project Featuring Music Industry Giants

Augmented Publishing Group and music industry executive Alonzo Robinson have begun a nationwide search for music industry professionals and ancillary businesses involved in building a music career to be included in their upcoming book.

The Los Angeles-based firm, Augmented Publishing Group, and Alonzo Robinson have just announced the official launch of their upcoming collaborative book, “Living Your Dream: The Team You Need to Build an Empire in the Music Industry,” and are looking to feature executives and ancillary businesses involved in building a music career. 

Lisa Williams, the president of APG, confirmed that Alonzo Robinson, a 25-year music industry veteran who was one of the leading executives in membership in the Black Music department at ASCAP, a major contributor to the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards and I Create Music Conference has signed on to head up the selection team.

Williams stated, “We are thrilled to be working with such a respected executive as Mr. Robinson for this important project. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and has a strong desire to provide resources and education about the music and entertainment fields.”

Explaining his selection process, Mr. Robinson said, “I am honored to have been chosen to head up this project with Lisa Williams, and feel it will be a legacy piece for many years to come for anyone in the music industry. My hope is this book helps anyone that thinks they want to be a part of the music industry in any capacity and it shows them how important it is to develop your team, and the understanding of the players you will be interacting with and need throughout your career.” 

Augmented Publishing Group has pledged to donate 100 percent of the book’s retail royalties to an as yet to be determined charity. APG creates community goodwill book projects that help local schools and non-profit organizations gain exposure.

Williams added, “This is an important book for us, so we’ll be reaching out to a hand-picked group of managers, executives, attorneys and other professionals that are important to have on the team of anyone in the music industry whom we know are true educators and advocates, while at the same time, being committed to spreading the word about the great charity we will be featuring.”

When asked who would most benefit from this book, Robinson said, “This book is NOT just for artists, it is for anyone in the early years of their career be it managers, film professionals, someone who is at a point in their career that they need to know vetted professionals that can help them secure contracts, protect their intellectual property and lastly, anyone that needs to know who they need on their team and why. There are so many ancillary professions that work directly with these artists, and these people are necessary to build a successful empire in the music industry.”

This project has a special significance for Williams since she and Robinson will be working on this project with Williams’ daughter, budding artist manager Aniya Williams.

According to Williams, several industry leaders have expressed an interest in participating. She expects to make an announcement revealing the final selections by mid-July.

“We anticipate a lot of exposure around this project, for both Mr. Robinson and the music industry professionals to be featured in the book. We really want to showcase those who are actually in the trenches every day, making things happen, and are willing to share that experience to help others and benefit a great cause. That’s what will make this a win-win project.”

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About Alonzo Robinson

Alonzo Robinson has been a music ambassador for his entire career, working at American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) for 21 years as a member representative in the music community. He now holds a dominant position in his own entertainment company Maji Entertainment & Media group. Since 2010, he has held a variety of management consulting positions for other companies to help them gain a foot hold in the urban music community.

His knowledge of publishing, record production, TV, concerts, showcases and artist development keeps him in demand as a speaker at conventions all over the world — from ISE to Winter Music. Alonzo’s love of music is superseded only by his love for those who make the music, and he is a believer in establishing genuine relationships with artists from the start. Top names in the industry seek him out when searching for new talent, and he has working relationship with artist and music executives alike.

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