Two Stanford Guys redefining medical education with futuristic 3D FAM IV Trainer

San Draw Medical has come up with futuristic IV Injection Trainer based on cutting edge 3D printing FAM technology that offers a human-like touch with its silicone pad for better practice for medical students

San Jose, California – July 11th, 2016 – 3D printing has been doing the rounds for spare parts and fun models for some time now. But two Stanford alumni has recently extended its use to the clinical field as well that is redefining contemporary medical education with their IV Injection Trainer. The cutting edge medical educational tool is based on revolutionary 3D printing FAM technology.

The Stanford geniuses, Gary Chang & Michael Lu are FAM technology developers themselves who founded a joint initiative called San Draw Medical in 2014. The company is involved in versatile clinical education tools & demonstrations and the IV Injection Trainer is the first 3D printing FAM tool from it, when suture pads, IV torso, and surgery simulators are on the way.

The FAM technology banks on silicone to print out colorful CAD files which are used for educating the medical students.

“The traditional clinical education is mostly dependent on diagrams & data from text books. But students & patients are always looking for a real-life feel that they can actually hold in hands to have a comprehensive hang of the function and shape. It is where San Draw’s FAM technology plays a considerable role. Silicone comes with the needed human-like touch & thus many would be benefitted from what could be generated on 3D printer,” stated one of the existing clients of the IV Trainer.

The San Jose Company presented its futuristic IV Injection Trainer at the recently held CES Asia conference in Shanghai, amidst huge response. The silicone FAM 3D printing technology as developed by Chang & Lu could be easily customized to reach a desired hardness level. It could be achieved by changing the material employed or through tuning filling density.

“You have seamless engineering capabilities here,” he added in.

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The revolutionary IV trainer enables medical students to have easy practice of intravenous injection without the need to use the other students. The regular counterparts of such trainers available now speak of a rubber-make which are harder compared to human skin. But the modern 3D printed option by San Draw is made of silicone and hence more durable any day. It can be easily customized as per preferred hardness, skin color, vein diameter & depth.

“As it’s made from silicone rubber, our IV Trainer assures realistic feedback for the student when the needle goes into the replicated multi-venous network. As it is customizable, it is easy to be adjusted to various physical conditions conveniently to simulate different patients. Backed by our breakthrough 3D printing FAM technology, our IV Trainer promises you an awesome combo of premium clinical education & latest technology,” noted a senior engineer from San Draw Medical.

Speaking further on the product, the executive also mentioned about replaceable skin pad with the IV Trainer.

“Each of the self-sealing pad can withstand 100+ punctures. The cool bit is that you can replace this skin pad in just within 30 seconds! We assure you an affordable solution so that you can have more practices easily.”

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