Polished Gentleman Makes Newest Release Available On Amazon

CLEARWATER, FL – 11 July, 2016 – Polished Gentleman now has their new Beard Growth Shampoo up on Amazon and available for purchase.

There are many benefits to shopping on Amazon. They offer all kinds of deals to the consumer, allowing buyers to get the products they want at the most affordable price. They also have fast and reliable shipping as well as a reputable and trusted internet presence. Most of all, they provide a database of reviews that customers can use to feel secure about any purchase they make.

In fact, according to the reviews already coming in, this Beard Growth Shampoo is something to feel secure about. 83% of reviewers have rated this new product at 5 stars, and 15% have rated it at 4. So, according to 98% of buyers, this Beard Growth Shampoo gets the job done and gets it done well.

This could be due to the long list of potent ingredients used to make it. Nature’s most powerful hair growth ingredients find themselves in this formula: rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Effective healers and moisturizers like manuka honey, aloe vera, argon oil, and cehami join them. Plus, the formula is carefully pH balanced at 5.5 to match the pH of the hair and skin, thus protecting against any possible irritation and preserving their natural health. Combine all that with the fact that this beard shampoo is made without any chemicals or irritants, such as parabens, sulfates, fragrance, or gluten, and it becomes easier to see why this shampoo is getting such high ratings.

With such a well-liked product on such a well-liked site, Polished Gentleman is taking another step toward making beard care simpler than ever.

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