Compression Sleeve Socks Discount to Continue Through Amazon Prime Day Announces Base Socks

37% Discount for Orthotics Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis, Edema, Foot and Ankle Support

In a statement today by the manufacturer Base Socks, they announced that their summer sale event which offers a 37% discount on their Orthotics Compression Sleeve Socks for Plantar Fasciitis, Edema, foot and ankle support would continue through the 12th July 2016 or while allocated stocks were available. This is the day announced by for their retail sales event known as Prime Day. Started last year, the Prime Day Event is a one day sales event on the retail platform that is set to break sales records for the company.

A spokesperson for Base Socks explained, “Amazon Prime Day is a great experience for shoppers but at Base Socks we like to think we offer great value all year round. Our customers have been extremely complimentary since we launched our medical grade compression socks and offering a great product at a great price is always our main objective. Our current sale price offers a 37% discount on our RRP. We will try to maintain this right through Prime Day if stocks allow.”

The Base Socks Orthotics Compression Socks are a new graduated compression sock that provides medical grade graduated compression support for all types of foot and ankle pain to include Plantar Fasciitis. The slim pair of socks that can be worn throughout the day under normal wear provide relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendon, stress fractures, Edema and heel spurs. The compression sock provides targeted orthopaedic support through its graduated levels of compression so that support is aimed at the ankle, arch and heel but allows flexibility for blood flow and movement. The compression sleeve is also used by travellers on flights and helps regulate blood flow and swelling often experienced on flights.

The spokesperson continued, “Our new compression socks have been well received by customers as can be seen from our review comments. We hope that our summer sales event is an added bonus for those people looking to relieve pain in the foot and ankle area.”

Here are a few selected comments from customer reviews. All reviews can be seen at

These compression sleeves are great. They compress the ankle and foot (through mid foot) without cutting off circulation to the toes or giving a muffin top look on the calves. I was able to wear them for an entire day while on my feet at work and came home with less swelling than I left the house with.

“I purchased these for my mom who has deformities and extreme swelling in both ankles. I ordered the large so she wouldn’t have too much difficulty putting them on. She puts them on first thing in the morning when her ankles are pretty normal. They have certainly helped with her swelling and she says these are the best compression socks that I have purchased for her and I have bought many.

These are the most comfortable compression socks I have ever used. The were not too restrictive, but gave just the right amount of support.

The Base Socks Orthotics Compression Socks (1 Pair) is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the product can be purchased a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Base Socks is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Base Socks Orthotics Compression Sleeve Sock (1 pair).

For more information please go to their Amazon sales page at or visit

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