Pakistani PU Scientists to Lead A Breakthrough Discovery in Applied Sciences

A Ground-breaking Discovery that Sets to Mark Major Paradigm Shifts in Global Scientific Frameworks.

Asian News Desk/ Sci/Tech – 11 July, 2016 – A team of Pakistani scientists has made a gigantic and colossal breakthrough by carrying out the first scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT) – on the forefront of global scientific establishments.

According to the Associated Press, Prof Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, the principal discoverer of MHT, performed the first experimentation of exposing plasma and other object-testers to approximately 1.2 Tesla at an altitude of over 4,000 feet from the ground level, in a plane yesterday.


Besides NASA, Cambridge University and National Post-Doctoral Authority, USA, demonstration’s observing scientific panel consisted of inter-disciplinary experts from diverse academia, including Dr Azam Sheikh (Science International), Dr. Khalida M. Khan (UN-KAKHTAH at CIMR, University of Punjab), Lt. Col.(R) Azhar Saleem (SAARC Post-doc Academia) and researchers of diverse disciplines, from different institutions of Pakistan.

Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT) can coarsely and precisely be viewed or grasped as an omni-present, omni-potent phenomenon associated with the hydrogen element’s susceptibility to the magnetic field. The phenomenon is concomitantly based upon a massless wave like particle named as “Hydro-Magnetron”, which behaves like a vector-entity i.e. scalar lines producing vectorial effect.

The greatest discovery of the era – MHT has been made by Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi—a multidisciplinary scientist of Pakistan, currently engaged as the P.I. for post-doctoral research works in several reputed universities of Asia, including the University of Punjab, Pakistan.

The ground-breaking discovery of MHT emerges to vivid broad-spectrum and far reaching impacts on multi-spheric segments of basic, as well as applied sciences. It provides nucleic framework by laying the very core conceptual foundations of an entirely new orbit-realm in high energy physics.

By virtue of this magnanimous scientific achievement, indubitably, Pakistan is turning out to be the world’s capital in Magneto-kinetics – leaving far-behind the claims made by the scientists of a neighboring country.

The present research holds the potentiality that scores of the next centuries’ scientific generations would have to build their scientific innovations on the framework provided by it.

Pakistan today stands on the verge of a great new-age climax in sectorial magneto kinetics. We can claim without danger of contradiction that the present research is the opening of an entirely novel scientific era.

The research opens new horizons in the fields of physics, chemistry, space sciences, medicine, biology, electronics, environmental sciences and host of associated sciences.

Albert Einstein frame-worked the concepts of quantum physics and now Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi led Pakistani scientists’ team is frame-working the concept of MHT.

The phenomenon called ‘photo-tropism’ or the ‘photo-tropicity’ is not new to the scientific literature and has remained well known even in the centuries passed archives of discoveries’ history, but the phenomenon of Magneto-Hydro-Tropicity has remained such a virgin concept in the modern scientific endeavors so far, that no single scientific paper exists that bears the MHT concept, or even the term Magneto-Hydro-Tropicity.

Magneto-Hydro-Tropism or precisely MHT is an omni- present, omni potent phenomenon, weightless wave like vector-entity. The present discovery provides the schematic clues and gives answers to hosts of questions for understanding the multi-spheric phenomena of cosmo-genesis.

Magneto-tropic field is the only field known to science, which is external to and internal to itself.

The discovery outcomes of MHT along with the experimental procedures employed therein, and other details had been disclosed to the international media at the event of the inventive work’s first demonstration at Walton Airport Lahore by 12:15 on 05/7/2016. An on-ground event-point media briefing was made by Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi – the theorist originator of the great discovery.

MHT is going to become a word, which is to be mile-stoned in the scientific legendary classics for the centuries to come.

About the P.I.:

SAIRI team’s Principal Investigator Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi is a world renowned Pakistan born planetary researcher who has brought numerous laurels for his motherland Pakistan during the last two decades of his uprightly intriguing career in different capacities. He is presently engaged with multilevel research on a diverse array of subjects. He is also a supervisor of doctoral and post-doctoral levels researches in a vast array of subjects including natural as well as social sciences. At present he has made obtainable his expertise to different institution and in a variety of subjects.

Findings’ Summary of Aurangzeb Hafi’s MHT-Magneto-Sectoral Model

The following scientific propositions have been endorsed by the experiment:

Almost all of the living organisms, the fluids or semi fluids containing hydrogen along with three iron, manganese and cobalt, can have remarkable variations influence till 2090 – the ending corner’s period of the (80 years cycles)quasi  periodic cycles maxima, that has been started from 2010.

In south areas, the plants, if irrigated with magnetically dynamized water can grow 40 to 60 % better in both perspectives i.e. qualitatively and quantitatively.

The 22-years Magnetic cycle is characterized by a change in sign of the overall magnetic field. The 22-years cycle begins with an even 11-years cycle. Apparently, the 22-years cycles also governs the index of frequency of flares. The 80-years cycle is a quasi-periodic change in maxima of 11-years cycles. The maxima of 80-years cycles have fallen approximately in  1775-1855 and 1930-2010.

The larmor radius of electrons  in geomagnetic fields does not exceed a few kilometers,

whereas for protons it may reach several hundreds of kilometers.

The longitude drift around the earth is opposite for  particles with opposing charges, electrons move towards the east, protons towards the west.

Observation of high-energy electrons in the plasma layer near the morning side is more probable than near the evening side.

The area of the plasma layer is located along the magnetic lines of force (latitude of polar drop on the day side of the earth). On the night side, this area is projected along the magnetic lines of force at latitude (latitude of polar drop on the night side of the earth). The source of the plasma of this area is the solar wind, penetrating in to the magnetosphere of the earth. The mean energy of particles in this area fluctuates from a few hundred Ev to KeV.

A Pakistani sci-tech correspondent Maryam Dodhy expresses her annotational remarks as follows:

“Pakistani scientists are at the forefront of a major breakthrough in applied sciences. A team recently carried out the first scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT).”

“The discovery of MHT is yet to become a subject of research worldwide but the team is confident of the world of possibilities it opens with it. The discovery can provide clues to unanswered questions regarding the multi spheric phenomena of cosmogenesis.

The breakthrough also provides a basic foundation of a new area in high energy Physics – a framework for future generations to lay their research on. According to the team that discovered MHT, it has a far-reaching impact on basic as well as applied sciences. It also opens up avenues in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Biology, Electronics, Environmental Sciences, and other associated fields.”


Important Update:

Some of the media’s Fourth Estate correspondents have reported the presence of Dr. Shaheen Khan from HEC. It was just a mere suggestion that her inclusion be made in the observing panel, however it could not be materialized due to certain reasons.

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