Brisbane Hypnotherapist Launches Global Stop Smoking Awareness Campaign

More Education Needed in all Countries

Anti Smoking awareness is nothing new for most of us in countries of the developed world. In recent years the advertising legislation and taxing of cigarettes along with the rise in e-cigarette use has seen a marked decrease in the percentage of first world countries populations who smoke tobacco cigarettes. But as you would expect from an industry with a moral compass somewhere to the right of 1930’s Germany, the tobacco machine has moved it’s focus to the underdeveloped, less educated populations of Asia and South America where unhindered by legislation or government interference they get to ply their trade for profits on an even larger scale than before.

In a statement today by Brisbane Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton launching an awareness for more education and understanding of the dangers of smoking to all countries. There is a call on the governments of these growing economies to learn the lessons learnt already by the major economic powers and protect their peoples from the enormous health costs associated with treating smoking related illnesses.

She commented, “The governments of ‘The West’ took decades to act against the tobacco industry and slowly but surely the battle in these countries is being won. But the tobacco companies have just moved to third world countries where populations are uneducated and governments can’t afford to refuse the millions of dollars of investment capital that the tobacco industry provides to allow them to ply their trade. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals including over 80 known carcinogens. These include chemicals such as Arsenic, Benzene, Formaldehyde and Ammonia to name just a few. We need to do more to bring this awareness to the countries that have now been targeted by the tobacco industry otherwise millions more people will die needlessly because we failed to act.”

Maureen Hamilton is a qualified nurse and trained Hypnotherapist. Her passion for campaigning against the tobacco industry and promoting education  of the dangers of smoking are rooted in her own personal narrative. Her husband, Hugh B Hamilton, died aged just 47 from smoking related illnesses leaving her to raise four children by herself. Since training as a Hypnotherapist she has helped over 2000 people to quit smoking and uniquely offers a guarantee to continue to revisit her clients once they quit should they ever feel the urge to return to smoking.

She continued, “Whilst nicotine may be the addictive element of tobacco cigarettes that keeps people attached to them, it is the mental attachment that is the strongest element to break. Hypnotherapy allows us to break the mental attachment for life leading to an immediate cessation in the need to smoke. Our campaign aims to highlight the need for more education in countries where the tobacco industries targeting of uneducated populations is nothing short of the worst kind of 19th Century colonialist exploitation. They don’t see the lives they are destroying. Just the dollars in profits they make.”


Maureen Hamilton is a published author, speaker; and assists people with traumas, anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, addictions and so much more, utilizing her exceptional skills as a Hypnotist, Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. The Richards Trauma Process is an exceptional process allowing people with PTSD, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues achieve a calm and peaceful life. Maureen is also a Demartini Method Facilitator.

Maureen has previously worked in many areas of health in Australia as well as overseas. Her health background includes training in general and midwifery nursing, mental health and children’s behavioural issues (including the effects of emotional trauma especially in children). Maureen is very much involved in promoting and assisting people to obtain optimal health and is absolutely committed to helping people become non-smokers, lose weight and have a fulfilling life.

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