New Book, The Guide To Identify The DL Guy, Exposes Men Who Claim To Be straight But Are Down Low

OutSkirts Press Inc. announces the release of an eye-opening book for the ladies, The Guide To Identify The DL Guy, by Chloe Berringer. The guide to Identify The DL guy, reveals the hidden acts of down low guys, helping ladies have the right information to detect and deal with this. Down low guys are on the increase every day, using different tricks to deceive unsuspecting ladies and also hiding their tracks.

Knowing a man keeps another lady could be devastating for a lady, how much knowing he also has sex with his fellow men. This is an issue that has been an old skeleton in an old closet for years, but each time it has been dragged out it doesn’t get the attention that it should. Well, the Center Of Disease Control sure thinks that this problem regarding the men on the down low should be a trending topic of discussion, due to the alarming rise in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

I have delved into the seedy secret world of men who are on the down low, all the while being in heterosexual relationships. I have done extensive research that will open the back door of Backpage, explore the nasty crevices of Craigslist, and expose all the dirty secrets that are locked away on these on-line websites that are constantly being created,” says Chloe Berringer, The author of the book.

She says further, “Some of these men are married, they have wives, girlfriends, significant others, and they are sexually active with women. But these men are not straight. They don’t only prefer women. They aren’t heterosexual. In fact, these men are bisexual, or just homosexual and selfish. This guide can help you help yourself with information that can possibly save your life.”

Deftly constructed at 42 pages, The Guide To Identify The DL Guy is a needed weaponry of information for all ladies. The book is distributed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. It can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and elsewhere.

The book is also made available for purchase by retailers and wholesalers at

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