Ziba Wood Announces Expanded Summer ‘16 Line

Ziba Wood Sunglasses, Southern California’s wood eyewear retailer, is proud to announce that 21 new styles have been added to its growing catalogue of fresh and fashionable products. These additions include styles made from wood never before seen in our store, including beech wood, black walnut and rose wood.

A wide array of styles and woods mean there is something for everybody. From The Lumberjacks, a browline-style pair of all-wood eyewear that encapsulates subtle sophistication, to the large and in charge Duke that is available in a striking green – Ziba Wood’s new line is sure to impress.

Not only that, new types of lenses perfectly complement the stunning colors of our new styles. The Ramon, for instance, is available in all-wood rose wood or beech wood. Both choices feature the same understated curves and stylish bridge, but each has a different color, woodgrain appearance and lenses specifically chosen for how they pair with the type of wood.

Rose wood Ramons have a deep brown, chocolately, all-wood frame that has a complex and nicely patterned woodgrain. Rose wood is a spectacularly attractive wood that is often used in luxury furniture and acoustic guitars. It is prized for its strength, hardness and acoustic properties. Rose wood is so named because of the rosy smell that is produced when it is cut, carved or sanded. Rose wood Ramons are made with reflective amber lenses that have a blue tint. The gold hue of the lenses provides an attractive pairing with the beautiful brown frames.

On the other hand, beech wood Ramon frames are tan and creamy. The speckled pattern of beech wood is strikingly different than the curvy grains of rose wood or the straight, wild stripes of zebra wood. To complement the sand-colored wood, dark black lenses are used to create a stylish yin-and-yang appearance.  

The Esquire, wood sunglasses made of black walnut, are a classy addition to the Ziba Wood Summer ‘16 line. Made from a wood prized by woodworkers for its strength, smoothness and appearance, the black walnut Esquire is an elegant frame that features classy round lenses and a subtle woodgrain. A more subdued look, the black walnut Esquire has slight shifts in tone and color throughout the frame. 

These new wood sunglasses are available now at ZibaWood.com, in our Etsy store, on Amazon and Ebay. The quality, style and UV protection of these new styles stays true to Ziba Wood’s commitment to excellence that has allowed the company to deliver stellar sunglasses at an unbeatable value.

Ziba Wood is a Newport Beach-based wood sunglasses retailer that is proud to serve a style-conscious community that appreciates the natural beauty of wood. Ziba Wood crafts every pair of wood sunglasses with a seaside spirit that stays true to our seaside location. Encapsulating the rugged individualism and Wild West attitude that California was founded upon, each pair of handmade sunglasses sets its wearer apart from the crowd. The natural swirls and rings of the timber used in Ziba Wood eyewear frames mean each pair of glasses is as unique as its wearer’s fingerprint.

For photos, pricing and more information on Ziba Wood sunglasses, visit ZibaWood.com or our Etsy shop at Etsy.com/people/ZibaWood

New Styles

• The Logger in black bamboo, brown bamboo and oak
• The Stafford in black walnut, Du wood, oak and zebra wood
• The Timber in zebra wood
• The Chestnut in bamboo
• The Preston in black walnut
• The Pelican in bamboo
• The Lumberjack in rose wood
• The Teddys in oak
• The Bosque in rose wood
• The Deacon in zebra wood
• The Ramon in beech wood and rose wood
• The Duke in zebra wood and green candy wood
• The Esquire in black walnut
• The Pilot in black walnut

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