YourDoctors.Online launches global medical opinion service with leading specialists from North America

An online portal of world class medical specialists providing a new opportunity for patients to get the best medical opinion without geographic limitations

Have you ever  encountered a situation when someone you love was  diagnosed with a medical condition, only to find out later that the initial diagnosis or treatment plan provided to you by doctors was incorrect.  Well, that’s exactly what happened to one of Nauman’s former colleague in 2014 who was misdiagnosed, not once but twice, with pneumonia when in reality, he was suffering from heart failure. Next, his aunt who was complaining of stomach cramps was diagnosed with “irritable bowel” and given treatments for weeks before tests identified a cancer affecting her ovaries.  Both lost their health battles in 2015 – These personal experiences and stories from friends about the “horrors of misdiagnosis” inspired Nauman Jaffar to leave his high flying corporate role and collaborate with medical advisors from the University of Toronto and the Johns Hopkins Hospitals, to establish YourDoctors.Online, a socially motivated, technology focused digital health company specialized in providing medical opinion services to global patients to avoid misdiagnosis.


YourDoctors.Online is among the “top 5 most disruptive innovations” in patient care by that boasts 100+ top specialists from leading institutions in North America to provide medical opinion services in most specialties.  The company recently covered by Huffington post and Forbes for its initial success during beta launch is gaining popularity for offering a low cost “quality healthcare” solution for persons seeking answers to general medical questions or queries. However, their main expertise lies in providing comprehensive opinion for patients who have previously been in the medical system and are seeking confirmation or alternative options for their initial diagnosis or treatment plan. Many patients registered with YourDoctors.Online had been advised surgeries or told of only one management option for their diagnosis. However, several of these patients were relieved to know their condition could be controlled by medications without the risks of surgery or additional and better options were available for their management. Nauman Jaffar, CEO of YourDoctors.Online is little surprised by their remarkable launch and initial success as he was long convinced of the essential need for such a solution. The Yourdoctors.Online team is working hard to meet the growing demand and provide patients across the globe with a medical opinion service that is comprehensive (detailed report), credible (top pre-vetted North American Specialists ONLY) and confidential (HIPAA compliant and encrypted).


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About YourDoctors.Online

YourDoctors.Online is a division of HealthATech Solutions Inc. based out of Toronto, Canada. 



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