Honey Soles Natural Cork Shoe Insoles, Kickstarter Success, featured on Amazon Prime Day Deals.

New product is a high quality, natural cork insole that is made from unique materials in an effort to make shoes more comfortable when not wearing socks

NEW YORK, NY – 7/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — HONEY SOLES natural cork shoe insole, a new product that gives hikers, runners, walkers and holistic health enthusiasts renewed support, comfort and stability for their feet, especially when not wearing socks, will be featured on Amazon Prime Day with a 20$ discount.

Honey Soles natural cork insoles are created with premium cork material designed to provide comfort when not wearing socks. The cork feels smooth against skin and is a natural anti-bacterial. Its unique design allows for the insole to mold and adapt to low arched feet.

Honey Soles founder Brad Sunness says, “We are so excited to be a featured product on Amazon Prime Day and offering a 20% discount for this one-of-a-kind insole. The Honey Soles Natural Cork Insole crosses a wide range of markets and is accessible for hikers, runners and everyday walkers alike. This insole offers a unique cross between stability and comfort as the hybrid cork and foam material allows the feet to mold without causing excessive wear on the insole. The bottom line is that the Honey Soles natural cork insole is durable, comfortable and provides outstanding comfort for feet. As a featured product on Amazon Prime Day we’re allowing customers a unique opportunity to try Honey Soles at a 20% discounted price.”

Honey Soles is focused on improving the comfort and health of not only its customers, but also anyone who interacts with their brand. Honey Soles was created to inspire and empower people to take better care of themselves. Honey Soles can provide physical tools, but ultimately it’s about personal responsibility. In order to improve your body, health and overall happiness, Honey Soles believes it’s all about taking action and applying focus towards living a fuller, healthier, more consistent and passionate life. Although this may sound like work, it doesn’t have to be. Honey Soles wants people to know and realize that living healthy can be fun.

You can find Honey Soles on Amazon Prime Day here: https://www.amazon.com/Honey-Soles-Natural-Cork-Insoles/dp/B018Y1K092

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