CEO of F6 Global Group Shares His 6 Paths to Success

Dennis Bay, CEO of F6 Global Group.
In an exclusive 3-part interview with online media network Affiliate Hall, Founder and CEO of F6 Global Group Dennis Bay shares his 6 principles to personal and professional success. It is not your average self-help advice.

July 12, 2016 – Singapore – From humble beginnings, he took his team to become a global corporation with offices all over Asia Pacific. Today, he has over 800,000 members under him, each directly or indirectly influenced by his core values of fun, freedom, fulfilment, faith, friendship and family.

This is the story of Dennis Bay, a true Asian entrepreneur cum self-made millionaire who achieved in a few short years what most would not in a lifetime.

Started out as a salesman

He started out in his youth as a salesman. He learnt the art of influence. But never did he imagine how far he was to come. In his second year as an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, he moonlighted and attained the highest form of recognition in his sales career with a New York Stock Exchange publicly listed company. The rest became history. Having soon built a successful network across Asia, Dennis retired from the traditional marketing industry even before his thirties and ventured into the era of the Internet.

He set up his first online marketing software company in 2007. In less than 2 years, it broke the million dollar profit milestone and served corporate clients across USA, Greater China and the Asian region.

In 2010, he started F6 Global Group, a network of professional marketers, businessmen and entrepreneurs who gathered to share valuable business related information and strategies with each other and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. It hit the 100,000-member milestone in its first year. Till date, it has mentored thousands of like-minded individuals worldwide.

Asked about his secrets to accomplishing milestone after milestone, Dennis candidly shared that he has no secrets to success. What he has, however, are 6 principles that he openly and freely passes on to anyone who could do with the advice. He calls this his “6 Paths to Success.”

Picture: Dennis with his wife in Beijing.

Becoming a student

The first principle to accomplishment, as Dennis puts it, is to become a true student. Not one in name, but one who is genuinely open and receptive to new knowledge.

‘It is easy to call yourself a student,’ said Dennis, ‘but how many are actually humble and open minded enough to genuinely accept his or her mentor’s advice?’

And, having acquired the relevant knowledge, how many will actually take concrete action towards his or her goals?’

Elaborated Dennis, “the key here is to learn from a trusted advisor, or from someone who has been there, done that, and then taking massive action yourself.’

‘What good will it be if the knowledge acquired, remains simply as, knowledge?’

Becoming a leader

The second principle entails the person striving to become a good leader. The definition of a good leader, as according to Dennis, is someone who can ‘bring out the best of his or her fellow teammates.’

‘It is not about demanding respect or feeding your own ego. That just makes you an autocratic. It is about helping your members achieve their personal and professional goals, at the same time working towards the team’s common goals. When you are in a position that enables you to make an impact on other people’s lives, use it well, use it wisely. Set goals together. Work towards them. Cultivate your people in the process. You will find yourself as much a student as a leader.’

‘Always keep an open mind.’ 

Becoming an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur innovates. And with innovation usually comes improved standards of living. As Dennis puts it, ‘that should be the goal of an entrepreneur.’

‘Ask yourself, how can your product or service add value? How can you improve the lives of people who have decided to use what you have to offer?’

‘When you are able to meet certain needs of people with a unique proposition, and continue upholding integrity, you don’t have to worry about results. They will eventually find you.’

‘Of course, this is also easier said than done. What you need to do is really to craft your own niche with knowledge and experience acquired over time, as a student and leader. Use your creativity. Reference people who’ve made it. Come up with your own game plan.’

Becoming a mentor

‘When you’ve achieved a certain level of success, be open to sharing your knowledge and expertise with people who aspire to do the same. Believe in the law of abundance, that there is enough gains for everyone. Don’t be afraid that sharing what you know will put you at a disadvantage. Craft common goals with your mentees and work towards them as a team. If you’re a good mentor or coach, you will instil in them the power of teamwork. They will understand that working with you, rather than against you or as an entirely separate entity, will only mean more prosperity and accomplishments.’

Picture: Dennis living the life. 

Becoming an investor

To become truly financial free, in Dennis’ terms, is ‘when you are able to automate your businesses and operations.’

‘You take on the role of an investor or business owner, rather than the self-employed. Your goal here should be to come up with systems and processes in your businesses that the rest can easily follow, even when you are not around.’

‘You job is now more on monitoring the big picture and envisioning future plans.’

Becoming a philanthropist

‘When one has achieved the other 5 Paths to Success, I think it is always good to give back to society,’ emphasised Dennis.

‘To me, the whole point of doing great is to first, improve the lives of people around you, your loved ones, and then eventually, the less fortunate and people in general. The less fortunate should be given a hand by people who has the ability to do so.’

Asked about other aspects of his work like fame and fortune, Dennis said casually, ‘Yes, they matter. I would be lying if I say they don’t. But it’s also the art of giving that truly and wonderfully makes it meaningful.’

‘Sometimes it’s your child or children that you think of, when you are working your magic. You want them and the future generations to have a level playing field to build their future on. Not one that has been dampened by us, the predecessors.

‘I think we have a responsibility to at least keep the environment similar as when we first started, if not better.’

‘But that’s just my thoughts. Others might think otherwise,’ said Dennis with an open mind.

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