Indian Old Persons Home Takes Care of 150 Seniors without Families

In most modernized countries, there is a social system that supports retired citizens, but in India, the second most populous nation in the world, there is no such system. Seniors who are without families must fend for themselves or rely upon charity. One of these charities located in Pragathi Nagar, India is a home that houses and cares for 150 of these “orphan” seniors. Without this critical care, most of the residents would be begging in the streets or deceased.

Founded and managed by Ganta Madhusudan Reddy, the Orphan Old Age Home was established in February 2016. There are currently a handful of employees including a Cook, Barber, Washer, Physician, Watchman, and Yoga Teacher who care for the residents. Each of these seniors receives a minimal food allowance and proper medical care, but the costs are considerable.

To help raise the $45,000 needed to maintain operations, Ganta Madhusudan Reddy has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. These funds will be used to pay employee salaries, obtain foodstuffs, and maintain the health of residents. Your generous donation to this worthy cause will help feed and clothe residents of the Orphan Old Age Home, and pay for the administration of the charity. Please consider helping these helpless men and women by making a donation or spreading the word of this campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more about the Orphan Old Age Home or to make a donation, please visit

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