VoIP Business Phone Systems Company Offers Premium Services to Businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

Dallas, TX – EntrCom, a company offering on-premises IP-PBX, virtual IP-PBX and hybrid phone systems for both small and large office buildings and businesses, has announced they will be expanding their marketing efforts to reach new businesses in the Fort Worth & Dallas Texas areas. Their plan is to use a combination of content marketing and direct response methods to grow their current referral network and to take over more market share as their name and brand grow in the Texas business communities.

“EntrCom’s solutions are diverse and versatile,” said Walter Smith, the founder and owner of Entrcom phone systems. “We offer a wide range of VoIP communication systems for businesses, things that they really need but many businesses just do not completely realize. Between our virtual IP-PBX, on-premises IP-PBX and hybrid phone systems, we recognize there is a large content gap for our market that we can fulfill by educating consumers on our products. That is why we have decided to pursue this marketing method in particular, rather than focusing on radio and TV commercials that can only pierce our demographic very slightly despite the assortment of targeting options out there.”

The company is following suit as hundreds of smaller and larger businesses have done in the previous years, by investing in solid content. This content will perform a few functions for their marketing campaign. The biggest is to get their name out there in the marketplace as not just a market leader but also a thought leader in the space to their prospective buyers. The content will also help them increase their branding power, and thus the thought space they occupy in their prospective buyers’ minds. Since content is often evergreen, EntrCom will be growing forever assets as a few content marketers call them. These forever content assets can be used over and over again to answer various client problems or questions, while also shaving serious time off the company’s sales team’s efforts in answering these questions.

The content will also help EntrCom rank highly in Google, which is an important strategy for inbound marketing as so many people look online via search engines for solutions to not only personal problems and questions but business related problems as well.

The content will be able to be recycled over and over again for multiple different marketing pushes, including direct response campaigns such as facebook ads and other paid online mediums, ultimately making the content marketing strategy a cost effective method to bring their brand to a whole new wave of customers in Texas.

The company will be rolling out both pushes together, to help build brand awareness as fast as possible in the Dallas and Fort Worth area of Texas.

About EntrCom

EntreCom markets hybrid phones systems to both large and small businesses in Texas. The company offers various VoIP solutions, whether virtual or on-premise, for office buildings all throughout Fort Worth and Dallas. For more information about the company, you can contact Entrcom to learn more about their phone systems.

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Phone: (844) 843-9843
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