Environmentalism and a Compelling Aesthetic Drives DivaBitch Couture to Recycle Outdated Clothes into Tomorrow’s Designer Fashion

With almost 85 percent of all garments ultimately ending up in a landfill, the fashion industry has a responsibility to do more for the environment. This is one of the reasons that Justin Orenthal Goff and Joseph Daniel Muzzin founded DivaBitch Couture, a unique clothing company that uses yesterday’s shorts, shirts, pants, jeans, and overalls to create vibrant, appealing couture. DivaBitch Couture applies an unerring artistry to transform traditional fashion into avant-garde fashions for men and women of all sizes, shapes and styles.

In addition to refashioning discarded clothes into innovative designs, DivaBitch Couture also creates garments perfectly tailored for and delivered directly to the door of the wearer. The company disassembles outdated garments, then reassembles the most appealing bits and pieces to create skirts, ponchos, dresses and much more. Each garment is lovingly designed and crafted for use inside out and in a variety of settings. DivaBitch Couture is also engaged in exploding traditional barriers between clothing types, while breaking new ground in traditional garment fashions.

In addition to making environmentally conscious fashions, DivaBitch Couture is also committed to improving society. The company donates 10 percent of all revenue to important charities like the Happy Hippie Foundation.

DivaBitch Couture is inviting you to join them in helping to make our world a cleaner, more beautiful place by participating in their Kickstarter campaign. If you make a donation, you may be eligible for valuable perks like postcards, bumper stickers, music albums, T-shirts, photobooks, dresses, ponchos, or invitations to the VIP Fashion Show Party hosted by DivaBitch Couture.

To learn more about DivaBitch Couture or to make a financial contribution to this cause, please visit https://goo.gl/TNr0OL

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