It’s: The innovation of a global information sharing platform.

When talking about a global information sharing platform, It would be easy for one to recall an application named IMIU. A few months ago, an app named IMIU turned out to the world, astonished more than 300 mainstream medias including Wall Street News.



In the early of 2015, the developer of IMIU Pengyu, Yan made up his mind into developing a brand new multilingual communicating application, in the early of 2016, he had invested more than 400 thousand yuan. On 25th, April, 2016, IMIU changed itself as a new app named “It’s”,  which added many original functions, improved and optimized based on IMIU.


However, being as a new type of international information platform, The biggest highlight of “It’s” is yet not only a social media. The core technology of “It’s” is the specialized translating function, no matter they are talking with foreigner or receiving information from all over the world, the users of “It’s” will always be able to use enjoy the use of a specialized high-level translate service, which ensured a powerful guarantee to the information sharing and international communications.


The developer of “It’s”, Pengyu, Yan, once said: “Our application is a new-type of social media, targeting on the world-wide market, the first problem we decided to solve is the language barrier, as regards of the result, our users seems have little problem when communicating with people in different language, which reduced their communication cost and guaranteed the most important foundation of international communication.”

Nowadays, with the mobile internet flourishing itself, many software developer praised their production as a “new-type social media” by merely adding some basic social interacting functions, without realizing such strategy would not last long even if it could bring some marketing effect. As far as I concerned, the market of social media today is highly saturated, in which the innovation and uniqueness would be the breaking point for a software to stand out.

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