Pest control is a great reference to local health inspector when a Cockroach infestation runs the risk of shutting down the Restaurant or Commercial Businesses

“Cockroach traps are used primarily for monitoring purposes. Finding large numbers of cockroaches in traps, is a sign of roaches living or feeding nearby. A serious infestation of cockroaches, will require more than using traps alone probably won’t get rid”
Restaurants or other commercial businesses cannot afford to have a cockroach infestation. The business could be shut down and there would be a huge loss of income. The Puget Sound area does indeed have cockroach problems here in this vicinity. The cockroaches like to set up residence inside a nice cozy, warm and moist spot. Such as apartments, Healthcare facilities, commercial businesses and in commercial kitchens. Residential homes are not left out in this type of infestation.

Identify the culprits and you may discover German Cockroaches:

It is the German cockroach that is by far the most important and usually the most common of all the species worldwide. Pest control efforts against cockroaches locally show that it is the German cockroaches that are found. The creepy crawlers are nearly 100% of the time in all infestations.

Cockroaches are among the most hated of all pests, for numerous reasons. One major reason is that they look nasty and are yucky and disgusting. The cockroaches can be found living in cracks and crevices. The best time to see the creepy pests is at night. Second reason actually is more important is that the cockroaches spread diseases very quickly. Contaminating all sources of food with saliva, feces and secretions from the glands. This can help to spread many diseases such as salmonella that causes food poisoning. It’s also known that these pests can run havoc on people with allergies.

German cockroaches once inside can make itself at home anywhere. The creeps like warm and humid places. One of the most favorite place to live is in the kitchen and then the second choice would be in the bathroom. Infestations are usually found around refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, stoves and other appliances. Cracks and crevices is most definitely favorite spots to hide. The cockroaches love to be near sources of food and water.

How does a place get infested?

The pests will hop a ride within shipping containers. Grocery bags and cardboard boxes are some of the predominant means of transportation. However, these are not the only ways of gaining entry. Used appliances are a huge way of transporting these vile pests. Some examples are refrigerators, televisions, microwaves, and anything else accessible to the pests. Cockroaches have a very speedy reproductive rate. If the infestation is not noticed right away then it’s a huge problem that lies ahead. A seemingly small infestation will turn into a full blown headache.

Cockroaches will eat everything in sight. No picky eaters here. No picky waters as the pests will even eat soap, glue and toothpaste. The best cockroach prevention is to keep the kitchen and bathroom as clean as possible. But don’t exclude the entire home or building. Take the garbage out every day. Don’t leave food out on the counters or other rooms. Keeping boxes of food and produce uncovered is a huge invitation for an army of the unsightly pests to come on in and start populating immediately. The most important thing to keep in mind for cockroach control is sanitation. Last but not least it’s time to get some help. Call AMPM Exterminators for professional help with the Cockroach Infestation. Elimination of this type of infestation can require multiple visits. AMPM Exterminators is very successful in taking care of this serious issue. Pest control professionals take great pride in the success rate of eliminating the Cockroaches. AMPM technicians are very thorough and diligent in the process of exterminating the infestation.

Damages caused by the Cockroaches

Pest infestations not only carry and spread diseases, but can ruin a business reputation, lose customers or tenants and play havoc on the profit bottom line. Cockroaches can seriously destroy a building’s infrastructure that would lead to expensive repairs and violations of building codes and rules.

Commercial Industries such as Schools, Daycare, Adult are, Retail, Wholesale etc. that have cockroaches in residence.

Food & Beverage is to ensure the customers receive safe products. Even having one cockroach infestation can drive many customers away. Pest Control services will make sure that the services provided will meet and exceed all industry regulations pertaining to pest control. Just know that pests in the facility can taint product throughout the supply chain, spread food-borne illnesses, and create negative publicity.

Food & Non Food Retailers

Retail facilities are great targets for pests. The exterminator professional will provide the best and safest products. One very important goal is to look at long-term pest solutions with reduced chemical exposure. With minimal disruption of the facilities.

Health Care

Health Care facilities have highly sensitive environments. The concerns would be indoor air quality, reduced chemical exposure, long-term pest solutions and convenience. Pests carry disease, can cause expensive damage to facilities, ruin reputations, and can create havoc on the sterile environments. Pest control specialist will use the latest methods to keep Health Care facilities free from cockroaches and protect the profits.

Hotels, motels

The hospitality industry is an around the clock business. Owners, managers and employees invest time and money to establish and maintain a successful business. Pest control staff will meet with clients in the hospitality industry to help protect the business’ good name. Pest control specialists will design a comprehensive program that will resolve the pest issues that include bed bugs, roaches, rats, and more. Protecting people is key but also prevention of loss of income is also very important.

Apartments, Townhouses, Condominiums

Pest problems where there are multiple properties can lead to serious pest issues. The safety and comfort of tenants is paramount. Some pests such as bed bugs spread quickly from one unit to the next, some cause structural damage, while others, such as Cockroaches, rats and mice can also cause serious problems. The variety of pest problems and inadequate control measures can threaten the financial status of the owner or property Management Company. Bottom profit line is in the line.

Restaurant & Food Service

The Foodservice Industry’s primary concern is protection of the brand,reputation, and client base. In addition, the mutual concern is about public safety and food. The goal being to serve guests with a pest free dining experience on a daily basis. Preventive measures should be shared by the pest control professional. Such as pest infestations that are most common to the restaurant industry and commercial kitchens, like cockroaches, flies, and rats, will be greatly eliminated.

Now that there is sufficient information to confirm when a cockroach infestation has run rampant in an owner’s business and is threatening the business owners profits. Its time to make that call. AMPM Exterminators to the rescue.

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