Blewe Launches First of its Kind Social Networking With a Review Platform

12 July, 2016 – Introducing the first of its kind, Blewe announces its new start which features a blend between social networking with a review platform. The new startup offers users exciting features that cover new releases, personal interest, and expert advice. The new startup has unique features which give the web app interface a user-friendly experience. Users can now express their views and opinions by commenting, rating and sharing reviews.

Finding a futuristic platform which allows users to share reviews, ratings and at the same time interaction between users that provide this review can be very challenging.

“Why do users have to review a movie, tv show or game on a review platform and discuss with users of the same interest on twitter and facebook?” Asks, Founder and CEO

He says further, “We are glad to introduce Blewe to step up the review platform  format users have all become accustomed to up a notch to create a blend between social networking and a review platform.” “We wanted to not only to show users, a small piece of the puzzle of our startup, but also the back story of what Blewe is helping esteem users to achieve. Those benefits which afford users to share reviews, ratings, join conversations, connect with friends based on their choice of entertainment tells this story.” Says, Founder and CEO

He says further,” There are two types of users which include a professional and a general user. A professional user is a conversation starter, he/she provides a brief review usually about 100 words which might include constructive criticism. This individual also provides ratings. On the other hand, a general user also provides reviews and ratings and can comment on both a professional and a general users review. This creates a link between users of the same interest.

In the App, there are three categories, which includes movies, tv shows, and games. Users can review and rate from any category of their choice based on personal interest. Also provided is the top charts which are on the category page which shows the top rated movie, tv show and game based on the overall rating from each of the categories mentioned earlier.

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About Blewe

Blewe is the world’s first social review network aimed at providing a bona fide blend between the power of social networking and a review platform. The web app offers users the access to explore the latest films, tv shows, game releases and much more, staying up to date and entertained based on personal interest, share reviews and ratings and also connecting users based on personal interest and choice of entertainment.

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