LoyalDetermined.com Helps Men and Women Tackle Mental Health Issues on the Path to Becoming Their Best Selves

New Online Destination for Free Articles and eBooks Offers In-Depth Information on Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Addiction, Bullying and More

NEW YORK, N.Y. – LoyalDetermined.com is the newest online destination for informative articles and eBooks providing in-depth examination of a wide variety of mental health issues, and strategies for healing, coping and overcoming. The online platform tackles commonly searched mental health related topics such as depression, anxiety, relationships, confidence, addiction and bullying.

According to data published by the National Institute of Mental Health in 2015, an estimated 43 million Americans have a diagnosable mental disorder, and too few receive the necessary care. LoyalDetermined.com’s articles and eBooks provide much needed information for individuals who suffer from mental health issues, as well as family members and friends whose lives are also greatly impacted. The resources are also helpful for mental health professionals and concerned citizens who want a greater understanding of the mental health crisis in America.

Popular articles on the website that tackle questions surrounding common mental health disorders include “Bipolar Depression,” “Ten Ways to Help Your Bullied Child,” “13 Ways to Deal with Relationship Anxiety” and “7 Signs of a Nervous Breakdown and How to Deal with It.”  The articles offer easy-to-understand definitions of mental health disorders, explanations of the symptoms, and in-depth exploration of their impact.

In addition to covering mental health disorders, LoyalDetermined.com also features articles for maintaining mental health amid life’s many stresses. From resources on “Developing a Creative Mind” and “Why Do People Fail?” to “How to Deal with Adversity,” the website offers tips and resources for men and women proactively on the path to becoming their best selves. Many of the website’s loyal readers have reportedly spent considerable time searching the internet for free high quality resources on mental health, however upon finding LoyalDetermine.com, they found exactly what they were looking for, gave the website’s founder and writers high praise and have since forwarded the resources to friends, colleagues and family members.

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