SAN DIEGO, CA – 13 July, 2016 – Writer Elizabeth Ann Guevara seeks to track down the enigmatic man who inspired her novel SEPARATED BY DREAMS and changed her life forever. It all started back on September 12th, 2000.

Guevara, on a business trip in San Antonio, was attending a luncheon at the city’s Botanical Gardens when her briefcase was inexplicably stolen from the vehicle it was parked in, by a habitual thief. From that point on, Elizabeth began experiencing random occurrences of intense apparitions, and lifelike visions of this drug addicted thief that had stolen her briefcase and the awful circumstances surrounding his life.

What could simply be passed off as pure speculation, for Elizabeth, felt all too real. “The rotten smells of the thief’s drug fueled environment was so strong that I’d awaken with intense stomachaches. We’ve all experienced vivid dreams in our lifetime but this was something else entirely,” Guevara noted.

Though of little monetary value, the personal contents of the briefcase were priceless. As the detailed visions continued over the years, Elizabeth began to see the life of the thief taking shape for the better, using the powerful information he found in her briefcase. This information had only been written 24 hours prior to the theft.

Guevara documented each and every apparition she had along the way, leading her to pen SEPARATED BY DREAMS, first published in 2008. “I was hesitant to put these very personal experiences out there in book form for people to read. There’s a lot if skepticism in the world,” Elizabeth reflects. “It was my mom that really encouraged me to go for it and write this. On her death bed many years later, I vowed to do just that.”

Inspired by this powerful novel, San Diego Filmmaker Sean Daniel Bauer adapted elements of the novel into the award-winning 2015 feature film EL CAMINO ( The mysterious thief, referred to as Miguel in the novel & film, is still out there. With the film soon set for release, Elizabeth is now more motivated than ever to finding this man, to hear his side of the story, and to give her peace about his journey and her visions and dreams. “This book is my way of reaching out to him,” Guevara said, “letting him know that, from day one, I’ve known of his terrible pain, suffering and ultimate recovery.”

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