AT&T of Indiana To Face Federal Civil Suit For Wrongful Termination of Employment

Indiana resident poised to take-on AT&T in a classic “David vs. Goliath” legal battle.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 7/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Very few people have the wherewithal to take action against a former employer for “Wrongful Termination”. Chris Fillmore feels he can prove that he was wrongfully terminated by AT&T/Indiana Bell Telephone under pretenses of a retaliatory nature. He is not deterred by the size of this corporate conglomerate.

Chris does not like the element of “racial animus” that is rampant throughout the AT&T corporate culture. It will soon be in the hands of a Federal Court to decide if his termination was justified. There also is a distinct possibility that this can become a class-action civil suit.

Chris Fillmore, who is an African-American, joined AT&T in 2007 as a technician and was terminated in 2015. Chris states:

“It is my assertion that I was wrongfully terminated under pretenses that were contrived and otherwise baseless, and indeed of a retaliatory nature. The result of which stems from my attempting to report to my second line manager, Lisa Brantley, long held suspicions of my immediate supervisor, Thomas Koepp, showing favorable treatment toward “certain” technicians over others — including myself.”

The civil suit (1:16-cv-00323-SEB-DML) will show that many individuals similarly situated were not treated the same. Racial bias came into play time and time again, with African-American employees regarded as second-class employees, and passed over to favor similarly and/or less qualified Caucasian employees. After Chris subpoenas employment records of AT&T, the reality of how fair the treatment to employees as a whole and as individuals becomes.

This case will bring to light employment practices which are contrary to the laws of the United States and its Constitution. During a recent interview, Chris echoed these comments from his civil action:

“I began to take notice that in 2014 alone, in my garage alone, the turnover rate was higher for African-American technicians than for any other race; thus shedding light on a systemic racism in my workplace that was very much in place, but otherwise innocuously relegated to ‘status quo.’ ”

Chris is proceeding pro se, representing himself. It is his hope that other mistreated employees will instigate their own legal actions to help stand up against unfair treatment from the “Goliath” corporations.

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