New Tutorial for live streaming drones and musical performances released free from PTZOptics!

“Setting up a video professional video production with multiple PTZ Cameras is ideal for live streaming music events.”
PTZOptics is pan, tilt, zoom camera manufacture from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This week PTZOptics has released a free tutorial complete with multiple videos for live streaming music performances with multiple PTZ cameras and live drones.

Philadelphia, PA – PTZOptics has released a free tutorial video outlining what they call the easiest most affordable and professional live video production system. The system consists of a regular Dell Laptop, two PTZ cameras and a audio mixer. In this tutorial video  you will learn how to livestream and record a concert/musical performance to destinations such as YouTube Live and Facebook.

The tutorial includes a popular request for incorporating a live drone into the stream to provide aerial views and additional footage during the live stream. The slideshare and video below outlines a professional approach to live video production with modern live streaming set up. 

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PTZ cameras are becoming increasingly popular for shooting live events because they allow a single camera operator the ability to capture multiple viewpoints. With just a few PTZOptics cameras and a regular laptop running Wirecast or vMix you can get your live event streaming to the Internet with ease. This set up is one of the easiest way to start live streaming to destinations such as Facebook, YouTube Live and UStream. To demonstrate this workflow PTZOptics helped a local music festival called the “Pretty Good Fest” live stream their event. The system PTZOptics used consists of a Dell Laptop, a 12X and 20X optical zoom PTZOptics cameras, a Focusrite USB Audio Mixer and a PTZ Joystick.

We also have a external confidence Monitor, keyboard/mouse and headphones for easy operation during the live show. In the video you will see a PTZOptics 12X-USB and 20X-USB PTZOptics camera to a regular Dell laptop using the available USB 3.0 ports. The cameras are set up for VISCA control using a daisy chain method with a DB9 to 8-pin mini din cable and a 8-pin mini din cascade cable.

The beauty of this set up is that video connections are plug and play and therefore do not require additional capture devices. These cameras eliminate the need to staff cameramen at each location and provide easy preset control for hundreds of unique views during your live broadcast. For larger events that require longer cable runs you may want to consider our HD-SDI models in combination with a professional capture device.

“For this set up we have our 12X and 20X cameras are set up roughly 50 feet from the stage flanking our live streaming booth set up for line of sight viewpoints. During the live stream we will take advantage of the wide 72 degree field of view on our 12X and the tight zoom of 3 degrees with our 20X,” says Paul Richards Director of Business Development for PTZOptics. “Controlling the PTZ cameras could not be easier with a standard joystick for moving the camera. In the center of our controller there are buttons to operate iris, focus and zoom. We can control both cameras from a single joystick and call from hundreds of possible preset locations.”

For permanent installations and in-door applications you may opt to use our IP joystick which controls the cameras over a single Ethernet cable connection to your network. In some workflows our customers prefer this method to reduce cabling requirements. But since we are in a outdoor portable set up environment we have opted to use our analog RS-232 cabling.

“One of the most important tips for live streaming a concert is making sure you have access to a dual channel audio feed from the mixing board. Also, make friends with the audio guy! In this workflow we are taking two 1/4 audio feeds from the mixing board and converting that to USB for our live stream with Wirecast. But we will dig into Audio in more depth in Part 2 of this video series,” says Richards. “Once you are operational with all your video and audio you are ready to start switching and go live. During the live broadcast we will use multiple layouts for close ups, picture in picture and wide views. We will even be using a live drone to capture views from hundreds of feet above the event!”

PTZOptics cameras are available in USB and HD-SDI versions with HDMI and IP streaming and control built into ever model. Prices start at just $299 for our joystick controller and $1,599 for our 12X camera models.

For more information contact us at or tune in for one of our live shows hosted every Friday on YouTube Live. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications on our latest videos and happy streaming!

The full live stream is available here:

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