Creative Author of “Yes women cheat too” has released another masterpiece!

Keeping Her Secret: by Miecy D. Dellahoussaye

Miecy D. Dellahoussaye is a multi-talented writer living in South-East Texas. Her passion for creative writing is a trait not found in many other women. She is surrounded by amazing and supportive friends who encouraged her to publish a book after listening to her intelligent contributions on several occasions.

In 2009, she achieved a feat by publishing her first work, “Yes women cheat too”, an interesting fictional novel exposing things women do to cheat. Miecy D. Dellahoussaye is a household name in adult novels and the thrill never stops when readers grab her books.

She is about to touch the hearts and souls of millions of people with another book, titled ‘Keeping her secret’. The novel tells a steamy, twisted erotic tale of a Nadia’s attempt to get her husband to play outside his sexual comfort zone. This leads to a situation too close for comfort that could cost her everything. After being advised by her closest friend, she finds herself in a sticky dilemma.

This suspense-filled and captivating book is highly recommended for anyone who loves intrigue.

Keeping her secret is a must-read for everyone! Every page is filled with romantic expressions that keep you wanting for more. Words cannot describe the fun awaiting you. Every woman must read this!

Media Contact
Company Name: iUniverse (self-published)
Contact Person: Miecy D. Dellahoussaye, Author
Country: United States