The Tale of the Ice Staff Now Introduced as a Kick starter Project

The Tale of the Ice Staff has now been introduced as a kick starter project for the guaranteed satisfaction of the game enthusiasts.

The aim of the gaming company is to increase the awareness of people about this unique pixilated-art ARPG along its impressive unique gaming experience and storyline.

Combining an innovative game play and nostalgic storyline, it is after bringing out a unique and fresh experience to gamers. The old gaming experience has been brought back emphasizing a fancy game play and new mechanics to meet the unique gaming tastes of users.

With the variable and unique game mechanics, gamers can get the thrill, fun and enjoyment of a simple crash and smash gaming experience and intellectual methods of defeating the enemies. Two-hundred fifty enemy types and thirty-five exciting bosses that demand to be tamed or slain presents an inquisitive stimulation due to the many unique and interesting items scattered in the entire gaming world.

As per its masterful storyline, it starts out with a five-hundred word novel for that exciting gaming experience. With fifty different endings, the game will still depend on the choices of players with the option to skip the storylines.

Three playable characters are also further emphasized in the unique gaming experience. One character will also be matched with another AI-controlled based partner that will assist it in the entire journey by combating support, healing and a whole lot more.

Nevertheless, the choices of a player contribute to the complete twists and effect on the plot of the game. The game also consists of randomized levels of initiation and some other stuff that can keep any player on his or her toe. Newer experiences and newer information will be brought up to gamers making it unique from previous games.

Prior to the success of the Kickstarter project, three worlds will be filled with adventure and will be ready to be played on by gamers. Two and a half hours are guaranteed for a game that each world will have a distinct theme with combat, puzzles, secrets, boss fights and other unknown myths.

Due to the expansive contents, the game can be made as great with all those new and exciting contents. Individualization feature is another highlight of the game emphasizing the unique gaming preference such as solving puzzles and battling as if one is a boss. With the memory phase, a player who had tamed or defeated a boss will unlock the memory phase. This gives an opportunity of playing as a boss and getting a unique glimpse of the story. As such, a player obtains good background information for that variable and exciting variable game play.

It is expected that more people will be interested to support the project and get it funded to obtain 42,000 dollars until the 5th day of August, Friday.


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