Discovery Learning upgrade Birmingham training facility to teach obesity and diabetes management

United Kingdom fitness industry training provider Discovery Learning has upgraded their Birmingham training facility to enable them to deliver personal trainer courses with added training in the areas of obesity and diabetes management.

This comes as a response to an increased demand for personal trainer courses that include this specialist knowledge, following the commencement of an NHS programme to combat obesity across the UK by funding personal training sessions for badly overweight individuals.

The programme’s main aim is to prevent up to a hundred thousand people from developing diabetes over the coming decade, but as this condition is very closely linked to obesity and excessive body weight, it is expected that by helping a large number of obese people to lose weight, future cases of diabetes will be prevented.

Diabetes affects more than two-and-a-half million Britons and costs the NHS roughly £10 billion a year, which is nearly a tenth of its annual budget.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently commented: “Diabetes can have a devastating effect on health and far too much of the impact of this disease is preventable, so the case for this new initiative is clear.”

The programme works by giving GPs and other health professionals the power to give people with severe weight issues, sometimes referred to as “special populations”, a couple of hours of expert personal training each week, continuously for several months, all paid for by the NHS.

To receive referrals of special populations, personal trainers need to have undergone advanced training in obesity and diabetes management. Aspiring personal trainers in UK cities with high obesity rates, Birmingham being an example, are keen for their qualifications to include this advanced training so they can take advantage of the programme and secure additional clients.

It is for this reason that Discovery Learning have upgraded their Birmingham training facility and added experts in weight management to their teaching staff. The facility can now train up to twenty personal trainers at a time in the advanced obesity and diabetes modules.

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Discovery Learning has been providing training for over 14 years with the single aim of providing high quality cutting edge fitness training.

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