Chinese Inventor Qiao Xiao Hong Seeks Funding via FundAnything to Launch His Two Creative and Very Cheerful New Products. (Project 1: Travel Table (or Handcart). Project 2: Meeting Table&Dining Table

14, July, Beijing China

Qiao Xiao Hong (or: Mr. Qiao), a Chinese engineer, has recently come up with two different types of creative furniture. His funding requirement for the launch of these new products (two projects) is $3,000,000 ($3 million), or more.

Qiao Xiao Hong devised and invented two projects (two new products). They are: Project 1: Travel Table (or Handcart)by Qiao Style. Project 2: Meeting Table & Dining Table by Qiao Style. (note: It is a four-piece multi-functional combination furniture.) The two products are all folding, very convenient and practical. Project 1 is leisure goods, onboard. After folding, it is a delicate suitcase that is compact and easy to carry. Open the suitcase, there is 1 travel table, 4 stand alone stools, 2 clothes trees with hooks, 1 umbrella, etc. It can be used to walk, to stop, at anywhere, people (max. 4 persons) around the table, sit down, to rest. The table can become a handcart. When walking, the handcart is pushed forward, heavy things on the handcart, people walk easily. Project 2 is a kind of office furniture and a family dining table system. It also can be used in many places. Every complete product is made up of four separate parts (four independent products). They are: 1 table (length 2400 mm X width 1300 mm X 765 mm height), 12 chairs, 1 turntable system, 1 handcart (dining car). The turntable system is specially devised for the rectangular table. The turntable is the soul of Project 2, and serves an amazing role. Hold a small meeting, max. 12 persons sit down around the table. For even bigger size meetings, like 30-50 persons or more, it is solved by putting several tables together. Project 1 and Project 2 can be used indoor and outdoor, to be moved easily, because their feet have wheels. The function of the table system (all four products in Project 2) can be changed between a meeting table and a dining table. When holding a meeting, it is a meeting table. The room is a conference room. When eating, it is a dining table. The room becomes a dining room. They can be folded when no using them. Qiao Xiao Hong’s two emails: and If somebody is interested to the details of the two projects, please send an email to Mr. Qiao, and he can send 6 PDF files, in which very detailed describe the two projects, including business plans, product effect drawings, financial tables, etc. Qiao Xiao Hong believes that both these products will greatly improve people’s lives and bring them lots of fun.

Qiao Xiao Hong has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and is a registered consultant. He has worked for a Chinese national big size company – China Machine Components Company, which is engaged in the export of different mechanical parts. As a result, he has a wealth of experience in processing different mechanical parts and exporting them.

Over the last eight years, Mr. Qiao has put together lots of work in inventing and designing his two products. He is extremely confident about the future of his products. Soon, Qiao will establish his new company — Qiao Fine LLC (start up) to produce these new products for the world, to make people feel happier and more joyous.

Unfortunately, Qiao has no funds left to continue his two projects. Qiao has an ambitious plan to produce these new and cheerful products, to serve the people better. As per his estimate, the minimum funding requirement for the two projects is $3 million. Mr. Qiao has recently launched a campaign on FundAnything, to raise the necessary fund for his two projects.

Qiao Xiao Hong assures all prospective backers that all funds contributed by them will be used to finish the two products that he has invented. “It would really help if you can support me by making a donation. I can assure that everything donated by you will be utilized to complete two amazing products. I will be thankful to you forever for this help,” he says. Qiao also says, “As an engineer, I will be very happy if my invented products can change the world a little, a very little, when people use these new products with happy and joys. My any hard work during my invention was worth doing. Further, I feel my life is more meaningful”. What touching words!

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About Qiao Xiao Hong: Qiao Xiao Hong, male, 56 years old, from Beijing, China. Qiao is an Engineer, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a registered consultant, an inventor and owner and entrepreneur of his two invented projects. Qiao has many cooperative mechanical manufacturers in China. With a wealth of experience in processing different mechanical parts, he has recently invented two different types of furniture (two new products), very attractive and beneficial to the people. Qiao Xiao Hong hopes his 2 new products can better serve the people, bring more welfare & joys to people.  

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Company Name: To raise money for my 2 invented projects, improve people’s life quality, bring welfare & joys.
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