The Cornerstone Nashville Held Five Day Indoor Rodeo

Madison, Tennessee, July 14, 2016 – The very popular church, Cornerstone Nashville, packed away all their chairs for a very unique event this past Independence Day weekend and brought in dirt, bucking chutes and bulls for this action-packed holiday event that took place at the church for five days.

Cornerstone Nashville wanted to provide locals with an exciting event over the past Independence Day weekend. While everyone had a fun time, the megachurch’s motives were focused on teaching people about Jesus in hopes they become Christians too. Rev. Maury Davis wanted everyone to have a great time and learn about Jesus Christ during this festive time.

Rev. Maury Davis hoped that everyone that came and joined in on the fun over the past weekend was ready and eager to learn about Jesus and his preaching.

The Fourth of July is centered on God and the love of this country. With Texas roots, Rev. Davis thought what better way to get people to church than by having an indoor rodeo complete with patriotic medleys, fireworks and country music playing in the background. This was surely a one-of-a-kind and memorable event, all thanks to Rev. Maury Davis and his staff at Cornerstone Nashville.

This rodeo wasn’t the first rodeo for Rev. Davis. He is known for hosting large-scale illustrative sermons at his beautiful and welcoming church. Back in 2010, Cornerstone hosted an International Pro Rodeo Association show as well. The church relies on major set designs, costuming, props and other special effects to make Rev. Davis’s sermon truly come to life. Other past events include a zoo as well as productions about the Bridge of Frankenstein and “The Gospel According to Scrooge.” 

Rev. Davis uses his creative side to bring fun and laughter to the church. The Bible makes it very clear that the church is a place where everyone should have fun and Rev. Davis does all he can to ensure his members are motivated to join the services each week.

Rev. Davis believes that the house of Jesus is a place where everyone should have a great time with their family and has revolutionized the way people see churches today. 

Over Independence Day weekend, The Cornerstone Church saw about 15,000 people come through their doors for the indoor rodeo which started on June 29th and ran all the way until Sunday Morning. What was unique about this one-of-a-kind event was that Rev. Davis preached a sermon every day and had an altar call, asking people to follow his lead and commit themselves to the faith. Everyone left the event happy and impressed by the creativity ofCornerstone Nashville. 

Members of the Cornerstone Nashville, Janice and Dale Barnicoat, were thrilled about the event and brought their daughter to experience this one-of-a-kind event. They knew the evening was more than an indoor rodeo event or even to worship God. Dale Barnicoat was excited about outreach events like the indoor rodeo because it helps to spread the word about the church and increase the number of believers.

The event was a very successful event, all thanks to Rev. Davis. His hard work and efforts allowed Cornerstone to pull off a memorable event that will long live in the minds of everyone who attended those five festive days. 

Rev. Davis’ main concept for the indoor rodeo was to give people a chance to come to church but not in a formal way. People might skip Sunday church day but they sure won’t skip on an indoor rodeo day.

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