TESOLS provides Globally Recognized certification needed to teach English abroad

July 14, 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada- A TESOL certificate is regarded as an imperative prerequisite to be able to work as an English language instructor. The training sessions offered by TESOLS are demanding and practical. From the first day of the training, candidates will be a part of a continuous course of action with their teacher-instructors regarding the most up-to-date teaching modes and procedures. Their program is proficiently managed and examined by external, autonomous, and expert teachers. Once candidates have passed the course they will immediately be issued the certificate, which they can take with them to any employer, anywhere in the world.

According to company’s spokesperson, Elisa Pizzorno, “We offer a wide range of TESOL certification courses that provide guidance to you for teaching English as a foreign language. These certification courses vary in methodology, duration, and cost. However, the core principle on which we have based all our TESOL courses remain the same, that is, providing high quality theoretical knowledge and practical training that will be tremendously helpful to you.”

Around the world, schools are becoming more in tune with the need to prepare students for a truly global world. As technology improves, more people choose to relocate to other places within their own countries or countries halfway around the world. No longer are they limiting themselves to certain areas.  In order to be able to live comfortably, it is vital to be culturally diverse and to communicate well.

School curricula typically aim at helping students learn the skills and qualities that will allow them to lead productive and happy lives, no matter where in the world they decide to live. Intercultural skills are vital, and one of the main roles teachers have in these schools is to teach given this context. Cultural self-awareness is crucial for teachers in international schools, as is the ability to recognize, embrace, and encourage special cultural attributes of each student. Teachers aspiring to work in globally centered schools should be well prepared and have adequate support. In addition, they must show that they have achieved the appropriate certification and professional standards required.

TESOLS’ Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate Program is globally recognized and is structured in such a manner that the course duration is 160 hours. The standard international requirement is 120 hours. Given that their online TESOL/TEFL course offers 40 extra, valuable hours, candidates can be rest assured that the training and certification they will receive will adequately meet the requirements of prospective employers and help them land a perfect, high paying job.

The online TEFL/TESOL certification helps candidates to build proficiency in English training in all its academic facets. The various elements covered in the teachers’ training course involves knowing more about the subject matter they intend to teach, so that they can design: innovative methods of teaching; actual methodology they may use for teaching; planning lessons and building in activities to make lessons interesting; and professional management of classes, so that they are more effective and thus more helpful to their students.

It is our guarantee that students who graduate with our online TEFL/TESOL certificate program will have the essential expertise, self-assurance, and poise to get their teaching careers started in any country on the globe,” further commented Elisa Pizzorno.

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TESOLS is one of the premier training institutes that offers uniquely tailored globally recognized TESOL certification courses. All training is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors, while maintaining competitive rates for individuals and businesses.

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