Microscopic Dentistry Paves the Way for a more Accurate Dental Treatment

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Microscopic dentistry is today’s modern approach that opens great possibilities for an enhanced dental care. Westpoint Dental Clinic, a leading dental centre reveals more on the subject.

Blacktown, New South Wales – July 14, 2016 – Dental care centres have been increasingly adopting the technology of microscopic dentistry, owing to its ground-breaking capabilities it offers for Blacktown dentists. According to a spokesperson from Westpoint Dental Clinic, the state-of-the-art technology not just helps to identify dental problems early, but helps dentists to personalise treatment with greater accuracy.

The spokesperson said, “At Westpoint Dental Clinic we use the dental microscope to improve the level of care we offer our patients. The dental microscope uses zoom lenses which provide us with more control and over what we see and how we see it. Delivering personalised treatment is what we aim for, after all.”

Westpoint Dental Clinic has been at the forefront of offering high quality dental treatment and care. They have been offering comprehensive dental procedures such as teeth whitening, dental crowns & bridges, dentures, braces, porcelain veneers and much more. Their proficient dentists have specialisation in various fields including cosmetic, preventative and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Frank Meshkani is the man behind the adoption of microscopic enhanced dentistry at Westpoint Dental Clinic. The renowned Blacktown dentist has twelve years of experience in providing dental treatments and has worked in both public and private sectors including working as a dental officer in the emergency department of Westmead hospital oral health centre.

“There are a range of treatments that use the dental microscope, from your regular check-up to treating gum disease, root canal therapy and other restorative dental treatments. At Westpoint Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer this technology for the people of Blacktown, in order to provide more accurate treatments for you,” elucidated the spokesperson.

Microscopic dentistry bestows several benefits for both dentists and patients. This includes fewer traumas for the soft tissue, less-post operative symptoms, improved accuracy and precision and faster healing after surgery. Additionally, it also helps in the diagnosis & detection of oral health risks and realises the possibility of handling more tooth structure in a better way.

The spokesperson concluded by stating that they offer their several treatments with an endeavour to impart long-term oral health for patients. The introduction of microscopic dentistry is a prime example that justifies this very statement.

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Westpoint Dental Clinic is a certified dental care centre offering comprehensive dental treatments from teeth whitening to microscopic dentistry.

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