Syoptek is a Noted Manufacturer of Passive Modules for Fiber Optic Network

Founded and headquartered in Hong Kong, Syoptek is an established designer and manufacturer of passive elements required for smooth functioning of fiber optic networks.

Optic fiber networks are extensively used by telecommunication firms, ISPs, and CATV (cable television) service providers. Optic fibers are more efficient than copper wires when it comes to transmitting signals at lightning speeds over long-distances owing to lesser interference and shrinkage. A range of equipment and kits are required for seamless functioning of any standard optical fiber network including an array of passive components. Some of these passive parts include the optical circulator, fusion splicer, variable optical attenuator, DWDM, CWDM, couplers, WDM, terminators, loopback attenuators, special patchcords, ribbon patchcords & pigtails, and so on. A modernized fiber-optic transmission system essentially converts electrical signals into optical signals transmitted via optic fibers which is picked up by a range of digital gadgets and reinterpreted as informational bytes.

Syoptek is a well-established corporation based in Hong Kong that has been exclusively engaged in the design and fabrication of premium quality passive constituents that go into a fiber optic network. The company has one large production unit in Xiamen that is dedicated to carrying out R&D work, designing and producing fiber optic cleansing and testing equipment; taking up inspection, tidying, termination, and installation projects. The factory is also engaged in the supply and putting in place fiber optic gadgets.  The organization has another plant in Shenzen (that is ISO 9001: 2008 certified) which has the infrastructure to fabricate testing and processing kits, carry out cutting-edge R&D activities, and produce the passive component products including but not limited to OTDR, optical circulator, optical isolator, CWDM, DWDM, and FWDM.

Syoptek is a Noted Manufacturer of Passive Modules for Fiber Optic Network

All the products are designed and manufactured using stringent quality control processes and techniques so that the finished goods are able to meet the needs of all fiber optic operators.

For instance, the FS-06 fusion splicer produced by Syoptek is a robust passive component equipped with a range of unique and standalone features usually not loaded on other comparable brands. Regardless of the inclement operational conditions including FTTx, OSP or Premise, the FS-06 performs excellently. This unit also has a 4.25 color monitor that is reversible facilitating back-to-back splicer orientation. And to top it all, the price of the component is remarkably modest and competitive.

The OTDR-110-SM is another product that is instrumental in testing of CATV systems and accessing FTTx including crosschecking of different physical features of optical fibers including connector or fiber damage or loss, and the length. Embedded with up to a maximum of 1, 28,000 modeling points, the unit is effective in tracking faults along the entire cable length.

Syoptek has been engaged in the production of 4 distinct types of visual fault locator including VFL-100 and VFL-150 Pocket Visual Fault Locator, VFL-9000, and universal 1.25mm adaptor for VFL.

About Syoptek International Limited

Syoptek is a company in Hong Kong that manufactures a wide range of passive components that find applications in the fiber optic networks. The company also supplies, installs, and services these components to all its institutional customers.

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