Russia’s Number One Soccer Arena to Receive Major Upgrades for the FIFA World Cup 2018

Luzhniki Arena in Moscow, which will host major battles of the FIFA World Cup 2018 including the final, will undergo a major renovation to expand its capacity to 81,000 seats and to implement newest technologies for the benefit of spectators. The project is carried out by Mosinzhproekt – Russia’s leader in engineering, construction and project management. After the upgrade, Luzhniki will rival world’s best sports arenas in comfort, features and the use of high-tech solutions.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – 7/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Luzhniki, one of the two stadiums in Moscow to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018, will expand its seating capacity from 78 to 81 thousand and will become the largest arena in Russia and one of the biggest in the world. Mosinzhproekt – the force behind the major renovation – is using unique construction technologies and its vast experience to make the uplifted stadium shine during the opening and closing ceremonies, which will be broadcast to the whole world.  

The company was able to expand seating without changing the general appearance of the stadium, a well-known Russia’s landmark built in 1956 and remembered most for the 1980 Olympic Games ceremonies. As Mosinzhproekt specialists point out, the arena changes will affect only the glass around it – stained glass and elements of the frieze will be replaced with perforated metal panels with sports illustrations that add emphasis and expressiveness. In addition, for easy and safe movement of visitors between sectors, a system of cascading stairs between the front wall and the inner wall will be put in place. The interior equipment will meet the highest international requirements and all FiFA standards.  

“Per the schedule approved by FIFA, the reconstruction should be completed in the first quarter of 2017. However, we are moving at a faster pace, and the bulk of the work is scheduled to be completed in 2016. We have picked a solid team of professionals with experience in constructing stadiums for international events. Our specialists have managed to establish a continuous process of work around the clock by combining all types and levels of work, said Mars Gazizullin, the CEO of Mosinzhproekt.

Per Gazizullin, fans will be able to better enjoy the view of the field – the seats will be more inclined. Special spaces will be provided for persons with disabilities. For athletes, the arena will have 8 new changing rooms and 2 rooms for the warm-up. The field itself will have outstanding drainage, the lawn will have special temperature control, as well as watering, the protective coating and automated service. 

Mosinzhproekt is expanding parking to more than 4,000 cars and 988 buses around the stadium. Two modern media centers will provide superior conditions for the media coverage. The stadium will be also equipped with Express interview systems, several television studios and a presentation studio with a panoramic field of vision. Extra cameras will capture every movement of the ball including extra cameras around the goals. The roof will have built-in 
LEDs that will form a gigantic video display – over 39,000 square meters. 

A newly developed Luzhniki mobile app will feature Digital Signage systems and ability to instantly view replays of goals and other exciting moments of the game. Also, other recaps will be available, such as general stats, photo galleries, expert commentaries, as well as navigation around the stadium, ability to buy tickets and more. 

Increased safety is of the major goals of the project, as the arena park will have a 36-points transport inspection system with advanced metal detectors and ability to check 930 cars, 38 buses and nearly 73 thousand people in an hour. After the World Cup 2018 the arena will host other events such as concerts and expos, with anticipated annual attendance of 3 million.  

About Mosinzhproekt. Mosinzhproekt is a full-service engineering company specializing in transport infrastructure and utilities. Since 1958, Mosinzhproekt has constructed more than 4,000 km of city roads, 100 transport interchanges in different levels, 300 underpasses and pedestrian overpasses, utilities for the residential areas, embankments, water reservoirs, parks, etc. The company has built or in the process of building 79 stations and 160 km of Moscow metro tunnels until 2020, several transportation hubs as a part of the Moscow Transport System Development Program, reconstructed 12 highways, designed several Moscow highways including the Third Transport Ring, the North-West Chord, the North-East Chord, built Zaryadye park with Philharmonic Hall, restored Helikon Opera Theatre.

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