Local Laguna Hills Dance Studio Highlights The Benefits Of Dance Lessons

Laguna Hills, CA – The art of dance combines music, physical activity, and mental stimulation. This means that learning how to dance can provide pivotal solutions in a quest to become a healthier and more confident person. In order to achieve the best out of a set of dance lessons, local residents need to find a studio with both history and a proven track record of happy clients. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio Laguna Hills can trace their heritage and founding back to 1947, when the multi-talented Fred Astaire co-founded the studio. Using teaching techniques and a dance curriculum inspired by their prominent co-founder, the dance studio prides themselves on producing a multitude of dancers, from amateurs to professionals.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers unique and highly effective strategies and curriculum that they guarantee will transform any participant into a world-class dancer with a little dedication. The studio offers a three-tiered teaching system for proven results, as well as a trophy system that allows participants to track their progress through five separate tiers. The first step in the studio’s professional dancing classes is the private dance lessons given to beginners. These private lessons are taught by qualified and highly skilled instructors, who teach the basic elements of dance and help to build confidence on the dance floor and develop a dancer’s ability to lead or follow. Private lessons are a great way for beginners to receive the freedom and comfort to learn dancing techniques at their own pace. In addition to their private beginner lessons, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Laguna Hills also offers their students the ability to participate in group and practice lessons, where they can mingle with fellow dance students.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio Laguna Hills is a preferred dance school in California, thanks to their legendary heritage and their proven teaching techniques. While their rich heritage is what brings in many of their dance students, those students stay thanks to the highly qualified and passionate instructors of the studio. The studio hires dance instructors from all over the globe; many of whom hold degrees in the fine arts. The dance instructors from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio are tested and accredited before they are allowed to begin teaching new students.

“I’ll admit, I was drawn in by the whole Fred Astaire aspect of the studio, but I was really floored by the passion of the instructors,” explains Emily Donovan, a student of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. “I wanted to learn ballroom dancing for my wedding, but I didn’t know the first place to start. I was intrigued by the name of the studio and the heritage it brought with it, but I was most impressed with the friendly and attentive instructor I was paired with. I picked up the steps in no time, and was soon joining in the group lessons and making my way up through the levels of instruction. I don’t think that I would have been half as successful at learning how to dance if it wasn’t for the fact that my teacher was genuinely supportive, and allowed me to learn at a pace that was comfortable for me.”

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers local Laguna Hills residents the chance to learn how to dance, which offers a variety of physical and mental benefits. The studio employs highly skilled professional instructors, many who carry degrees in the fine arts. The instructors provide private beginner lessons, group lessons, and practice sessions that help students learn the basics of dance, as well as confidence on and off of the dance floor. The studio still reflects on their rich heritage and the inspiration of their co-founder, Fred Astaire, and brings those things into their studio of a daily basis.

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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Laguna Hills is conveniently located at 27001 Moulton Pkwy Ste a208, in Laguna Hills, California 92656.

The company can be reached via phone at 949-448-0502, or through their company website https://www.fredastaire.com/laguna-hills

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