Introducing First Robot Development And Application EXPO

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. proudly presents the first comprehensive tradeshow for robot development and application ROBODEX. The ROBODEX will be held at the center of robot/robotics industry Tokyo, Wednesday, January 18th to Friday, January 20th 2017.

The Expo is focused on technologies used to develop a robot, zones like Intelligence/Control Technology, Embedded system, IoT solution, Drive Technology, Motor Actuator, Sensing Technology Sensors, Measurement/Control/Testing device and AI.  Manufacturers of the components and parts of robots, and service providers to assemble a full functioning robot will be placed in the show. The final products such as consumer robot, industrial robot, service robot etc. will also have its zones as well.

ROBODEX comprises of Japanese domestic companies, as well as its international global companies exhibiting the state-of-the-art of the robotics field to a diverse range of markets. Companies from all parts of the world [Asia, Europe and US regions ] are welcome to participate in ROBODEX to explore business opportunities that the Japanese ROBODEX has to offer.

During the ROBODEX event there will be plenty of technology seminars, conferences planned with renowned experts and a number of workshops in order to foster across industrial innovation and demonstrate to players in multiple sectors, new opportunities for growth and diversification.

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