The best place for expats to get in the thick of the vibrant life in Kuala Lumpur

“This online hub is a place for Malaysians and expats to connect with each other and build stronger ties between the two communities. KLExpat Malaysia promotes the events of the local communities.”
Kuala Lumpur’s largest online community for expatriates organizes great events and delivers news on exclusive happenings around the city. The company has capitalized on the active social life within the metro by bringing in sport-related events, opportunities to gather networks, and charity functions.

KLEM came from the vision Stuart Yeomans had which he started to work in 2010. Stuart had set goals for his company and the digital circle of expats grew more and more eventually creating a huge community.

The size of the community grows by at least 50 members each day having more than 50,000 followers of their network. Facebook and LinkedIn groups alone have an estimated number of 36k members further cementing their online presence.

Their website posts news relevant to readers along with entertaining articles to peek their interest. They also promote a ton of events from golf and tennis tournaments happening in the city to music festivals and upcoming celebrity events in the city.

Promotional tools include event hosting and help target audience to specific social happenings. The KLEM marketing team also offers effective promotions through exposure and hyping up the events they are working with.

Readers will also get expert reviews on the culinary experience, cultural events, entertainment shows, and social affairs around the urban area. They will also highlight the best spots in Kuala Lumpur including the real estate, restaurants, tourist spots, plus other must-see places in and around the country.

People who visit their website will also find a lifestyle and fashion section so they can be updated on the latest trends in Asia and around the world. Expat members in the community will also receive services, advice, and information through the site to help them throughout their stay in the city.

KLEM is a community that keeps its members at the center of their goals. They provide a hub to connect with expats and other members who promote knowledge sharing and better distribution of important information for foreigners.

If you are an expat or just someone interested in what the KLEM community can provide, you can visit:

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