New Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign For The Stork, A Drone Multiuse Platform

Anyone looking for exciting new and different activities to perform with a drone, or a simple way to use a drone as a delivery service, or just a fan of everything related to drones, should look no further than The Stork Kickstarter Campaign.

The Stork is a fully customizable, lightweight platform that fits any drone and offers a flexible platform for carrying, lifting or dropping items.  With The Stork it is easy to add a flashlight to fly at night, a Gopro camera to film the flight, and even configure the drone to drop things from the sky for fast, easy deliveries or exciting target practice.

The Stork is a flexible mechanical platform that easily snaps onto any drone.  It is covered in pegs that allow The Stork to fit onto a drone at a variety of different angles and attach a wide variety of tools.

Now in the prototype phase, The Stork is looking for supporters and backers to get the product off the ground.  The funding will be used to transform the working prototype into the final design and produce the first production run.  The first step is creating production molds based on the prototype and then launching the initial production.

With a variety of pledge amounts available ranging from $1 to $49, anyone with an interest and passion for drones can support this innovative platform.  For a pledge of $29 backers will receive The Stork Early Bird Pack that includes the platform, a dropper attachment, a Gopro attachment and a set of drop rings.  Higher pledge levels are also available that include additional attachments and features.   Deliveries are expected in November 2016.

The Stork is a flexible platform that allows for endless creativity and possibilities.  Everyone with a passion for drones will find The Stork an invaluable accessory for expanded capabilities and action.  For more information about the Stork or to participate in its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, please visit The Stork Campaign

About The Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign has been launched on the Kickstarter Platform and is aiming to raise $15,000

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