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Our new travel size will fit in any purse, pocket or gym bag. At 120 sprays per bottle, this little giant will last a long time and is refillable! Great for moms, dads, and athletes when on the go!
Shoe Fresh is a revolutionary, plant based, non-toxic odor control that works by engulfing offensive odors and neutralizes them through oxidation! Shoe fresh is a natural shoe deodorizer or foot deodorant spray for athletes or anyone with stinky feet, shoes or gear! Use on feet, shoes, socks, gloves, and all athletic gear. Will not replace one smell for another like all other “minty based sprays” on the market! If it is working you can’t smell anything either good or bad!

Norman, OK – July 14, 2016 – Consumers now have a new, safe way to combat foot and gear odor after a long day out at the athletic field or gym. Shoe Fresh Odor Killer is an all-natural plant based spray with active ingredients that engulf offending odors and oxidizes or neutralize them on contact. This de-ionized water based product is safe to use on skin, clothing, shoes, gloves, gym gear and just about any apparel that becomes offensive with sweat and used in athletic activities. 

Perfect for active teenagers at the ball or soccer field, Shoe Fresh Odor Killer can be sprayed directly on shoes, socks and the insoles for immediate relief of the smell. What makes Shoe Fresh different from other products on the market is that is does not replace one smell with another which has been a major complaint from consumers of similar products in the past. “Mint smelling sprays will become a thing of the past,” says Shoe Fresh product developer Martin Rizzo. “Think about it, if a product was actually deodorizing something, you shouldn’t be able to smell anything. Not just replacing one smell with another.”

Shoe Fresh Odor Killer is also great for other athletes on gym apparel which often acquire a odor after repeated use. Cyclists, weight lifters, ball players and other sports that often wear gloves will appreciate the non irritating properties of Shoe Fresh Odor Killer.

Shoe Fresh is available in two sizes. One a 1 Oz (120 spray) travel size fits perfectly in a purse or pocket while the 8 Oz “Team” size spray can be used to refill the travel size unit or for family’s with several active kids. “Moms and dads will love the small travel size for immediate use in the car on the way home from an activity,” says Rizzo. “We often see parents buying the travel size Shoe Fresh Odor Killer right along with the drinks and snacks they purchase immediately before going to a sports activity or game so the product is becoming a natural add on to those every day purchases by these parents.”

About Shoe Fresh Odor Killer:

Shoe Fresh Odor Killer is part of the Black Box LVCP, Inc family of products based in Norman, Oklahoma. Black Box has been manufacturing and distributing consumer products since 2010. With such notable products as Bull Frog, Shower Genie Brand Cleaners, & Bug Juice Remover Automotive Products, Shoe Fresh Odor Killer is a welcome addition to a growing line of products from the company.

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