Roasting Trump? Limited Edition Trump Mexican Blend Coffee Does Just That!

BERKELEY, CA – 14 July, 2016 – In a move reminiscent of AirBnb Obama O’s and Cap’n McCain’s 2012 political marketing campaign, we now have the latest and craziest Trump memorabilia yet! It’s now that time of the cycle during which entrepreneurs or even regular citizens are looking to cash in on what everyone will be talking about. Whether you support the man behind the Trump empire or not, this entrepreneur has done something pretty hilarious, collectible, and fun. 

Trump Tea ( is a play on the fact that Trump has a somewhat tumultuous past with coffee, specifically with the Christmas neutral Starbucks brand. While Trump claims he has yet to have a cup of coffee in his lifetime, the Trump Tea maintains that their tea (which is actually coffee) is the only cup fit enough for the Donald. In reference to his fiasco of a hairpiece, each bag explains itself as being “hair to provide a buzz”, and tiptoes a controversial “wall” by claiming the beans inside are “Mexican.”

The coffee will be sold in whole bean form in single pound bags with customized artwork, complete with politically heated jokes, limited to approximately fifty bags. Every fifty bags, a new slate of designs will be unveiled, presumably up until the actual election date. The founders of this project even jest that the funds are a start at backing Mark Cuban’s rise to political greatness. We’ll see about that. In reality, they’re a group of Berkeley based students and entrepreneurs looking to help fund their lives outside of the classroom by getting a little creative on the side. Perhaps their Airbnb style startup unicorn will emerge from this political fog once they finish up exams, or sell enough coffee. Hurry up and head to their site to grab some before they switch to the “Heartless Hillary” brew. It’s actually a pretty solid cup of Joe. 

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