The CASE Air: The world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller

The CASE Remote Air camera controller from Cheeringtech can generate a WiFi hotspot, providing a wireless connection between cameras and smartphones/computers. With this smart controller, users can remotely set camera parameters and live-view and quick review photos on their smart devices. And, weighing only 50 grams at 2.4 x 1.6 square inches, the CASE Remote Air is the smallest camera controller in the market.

According to development company, Cheeringtech, with the assistive functions, the CASE Remote Air is a solution for HDR, bulb, time-lapse and other photography tasks that require advanced camera control skills. With the built-in CASE App, the controller provides helpful functions like peak focus, RGB histogram and grid, making photography a simpler task for the average user. The maximum distance is 55 yards, allowing the user to operate the camera even from a distance. It can be even a replacement solution for drone video or photography. The CASE Remote Air is compatible with almost all Nikons and Canon DSLRs, both iOS and Android systems, and Windows and Mac.

The CASE Remote Air can be compared with the Camranger, a very similar camera controller. However, the CASE Remote Air possesses several distinct advantages over Camranger. The CASE Remote Air is much smaller than the Camranger, thus easier to use, and is also 1/3 of the price. The CASE Remote Air was launched in Indiegogo on July 15th ( Cheeringtech also offers the CASE Robotic Camera Mount head, the CASE Tripod, the CASE Relay (developed with Tether Tools together) and other camera accessories that increase the viability of the CASE Remote Air. For more information, please check out

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