A Solution to Traffic Disputes – Airwheel C5 Smart street sports helmets

When non-motor vehicle riders get stuck in traffic disputes with car drivers, how to prove their innocence? Now Airwheel smart helmet C5, which both helps to protect safety and provides filming function will perfectly resolve the disputes.

A video of road disputes between a car driver and an electromobile rider has received lots of hits and debates on the Internet. The issues about road rights have once again been readdressed. How can electromobile riders or e-bike riders avoid such an embarrassing situation? Now, Airwheel Technology has invented a smart helmet C5 to resolve the trouble.

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The relationship between automobiles and non-motor vehicles is always that autos being much overpowering on the road. Autos gain too many advantages, compared to non-motor vehicles. But as more people start to turn an eye on environment protections, the green vehicles are getting popular on the roads, like intelligent self-balancing scooters and electric bikes. As these intelligent vehicles are often the weaker sides on the complex road conditions, Airwheel Technology, a company dedicated to produce intelligent vehicles, introduced an intelligent helmet C5 to help non-motor vehicles.

Airwheel helmet C5

The smart helmet is inlaid with a high-quality lens, which presents high resolution shooting performance. What riders see will be vividly recorded by the camera, a 150° wide view-shed. The max internal storage is 128 G, which can store enough photos and videos. The helmet can be adjusted to adapt to different head girths. A ventilating system is added to the gadget to deliver comfortable wearing experience. Let each journey be accompanied by both passion and safety guarantee.

intelligent helmet

A helmet which both integrating safety protection and photography functions will be a good company on the road. When caught in traffic disputes, the video recorded by the intelligent helmet will explain everything. Even if there are no disputes, the gadget can record the beautiful scenery, or the pleasant riding experience with family members. It is far more convenient to wear a helmet inserted with cameras than holding a cameras.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/0pfxcXLtsiQ

In time of emergency, even the road surveillance can fail to work. For cycling enthusiasts, it is far better to rely on their own devices than on the public equipment. Therefore, it is quite imperative to have an Airwheel helmet C5 in the journey.

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