AI Replacing Web Designers? New Startup To Automate Website Building Process for Small Businesses

July 15, 2016, Hackensack, NJ, United States- AIWebDesigner is a brilliantly driven idea that will demystify website designing process for small businesses. John Yonghan Kim, founder and owner of AIWebDesigner has launched a new Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of raising $20,000 in pledges to make this idea become a reality.

According to John Yonghan Kim, “AIWebDesigner is a web building platform specifically designed for small business owners so they can launch their own marketing website inexpensively and instantly with minimal effort. Unlike other platforms that make it easy to build a website, AIWebDesigner actually builds it for you from the start to finish by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. It will even insert appropriate images and contents for you once it understands your business industry.”

In an era of entrepreneurship, when businesses rely heavily on online portals to promote and sell their products or services, it becomes quite crucial to have a professional looking website that can entice visitors and prospects. Unfortunately, most of the small businesses are on a limited budget and time, and hiring a professional web designer can become a hard decision. Besides, the web building tools available nowadays involve use of common templates that can hardly fit the needs of builder, and the whole process is cumbersome. However, the good news is that with AIWebDesigner small business owners can now create beautiful marketing websites for businesses inexpensively and instantly with least effort. The process would require no technical skill and the result will satisfy aesthetic sensibilities. has been chosen for project crowdfunding and market feedback. If the initial funding goal is reached, the developers will be able to create more seed designs. Hence, more unique websites will be generated by AI. Moreover, the developers will be able to hire more writers to create royalty-free contents that users can use for hundreds of business types.

Specifically some of the key features of AIWebDesigner are:

  • Simple, inexpensive and requires no technical knowhow
  • Businesses can simply enter their business phone number to get the first draft of their website
  • Once users get the draft, they can click any of the content to modify it
  • Users can make modifications directly on the draft with the intuitive controls
  • For images, they have a partnership with and AI will select appropriate images based on the business industry and insert them into the website

The Kickstarter campaign is currently live, and many innovative rewards will be available to participants based on donation levels.

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About AIWebDesigner

Founded byJohn Yonghan Kim, AIWebDesigner is a new startup that aims to genuinely help American small businesses with its smart solutions. John has been developing customized business applications for the last 10 years, from medical software to a point of sale system. He received an undergraduate degree in computer science from Columbia University and currently matriculated at Georgia Tech pursuing online master’s degree in machine learning.

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