Upcoming PBS TV show on new-age AFVs seeks crowdfunding support on Indiegogo.

Famous PBS TV show director, of “World Of Collector Cars” fame, Dale Morris has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his upcoming PBS production on Alternative Fuel Vehicles, “Flipside Rides”.

Chico, CA – July 15, 2016 – Famous PBS TV show director Dale Morris has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his upcoming PBS production “Flipside Rides”, themed on Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV). The TV show is geared to educate people about the greener way with the vehicles that mean lesser carbon emission and a better future for the planet.

The campaign has been launched targeted towards $53,000 to fund the FSR pilot episode, initial production costs and related expenses. Produced by RevCom Productions, the pilot will be presented to stations, networks & potential sponsors. It is going to be a nationally broadcast magazine-style half-hour weekly show & would be syndicated worldwide later.

“With gas prices fluctuating at large and the highest degree of carbon footprint in the environment ever, the time has finally come to embrace AFVs. In fact, every iconic auto manufacturer, from Mercedes to GM, are testing AFVs and self driving designs as this is where the future lies. ‘Flipside Rides’ will explore the AFV culture in detail and educate the masses about its urgent need and benefits in a fun & informative way. It will offer an insight into the new AFVs to be featured in the market and the creative geniuses behind these new technologies. But such a breakthrough project demands a solid financial backup, hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your support is much appreciated,” stated Morris while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

Morris is a renowned name in the PBS sector, especially for his “World Of Collector Cars” series that aired on PBS for nearly a decade. From 1991 to 2000 with 270 shows for 150 stations, the show was syndicated in as many as 11 countries, sponsored by some of the biggest American companies. He had also produced another TV show, “Making Waves” in 2001, before cancer struck and derailed the project. A brave cancer survivor now, Morris is hopeful about his upcoming TV show that will further the way for a greener future.

The alternative fuels covered in the show includes hybrid electric, plug-in electric, bio-fuel, hydrogen, diesel, human-powered fuel and more.

A great pack of rewards are waiting for the campaign supporters. These include a letter of gratitude personally from the FSR creator, limited edition glossy FSR postcards, the opportunity to catch the pilot show before release, a FSR DVD, a sneak peek into the show teaser & bloopers and so on. Further donations will be honored with exclusive T-shirts with FSR logos, a stylish FSR ball-cap as well as an honorary mention on the FSR pilot “Thank You” credit roll on a pledge of $500. A $1000 donation comes with the additional privilege of an invitation to a sumptuous lunch with the FSR crew.

“Donations reaching $5,000 and $10,000 will be rewarded with the exclusive honor of being the Associate Producer for the 1st season of FSR and Assistant Producer respectively.”

To know more about “Flipside Rides” and support the campaign, please visit the official campaign page or contact them below:

Media Contact
Company Name: Flip Side Rides
Contact Person: Dale Morris
Email: dmorris@flipsiderides.com
Phone: 530-519-5224
Country: United States
Website: flipsiderides.com