LOS ANGELES, CA – 15 July, 2016 – Rex Macadangdang, an up and coming independent singer songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, is preparing to release his debut studio endeavor. Entitled ‘Beautiful And Amazing,’ his foray into the music industry is a delightfully fun and infectious pop rock track reminiscent of the Beatles, Oasis, and acts akin to them. The melodic song offers an eclectic palette of performances as well, all of which contribute stunningly to Macadangdang’s new single.

When preparing to record ‘Beautiful And Amazing,’ the rising artist recruited an all-star ensemble to help him manifest his creative vision. The track was produced by Doug Grean, (Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots) and features multi-instrumentalist Joni Fuller (Phil Collins, Craig Gannon) and percussionist Brandon Davis. (Smash Mouth, Enrique Iglesias.) Macadangdang also brought mastering engineer Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Ringo Starr) on board for the project.

The culmination of such a powerhouse of contributing talent can only carry a song so far, however, and at the end of the day, it must stand on its own two feet as a piece of individual artistry. For Macadangdang, the creative process begins with the music. “To this day, I make music by finding a chord progression,” he explains. “Then I move onto the melody. If the melody is great, then it’s easy for lyrics to sort of fall in place.”

That songwriting process has been a staple of Macadangdang’s compositions for over a decade now. When he was a teenager in the 90s, the British band Oasis changed his life. “They reminded me of the Beatles,” he muses, looking back on his descent into musical culture. The discover of Oasis sent Macadangdang down the rabbit hole to discover classic rock – acts like Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and more.

As a long-time resident of Los Angeles, Macadangdang has worked to overcome his fear, stage fright, at some of the city’s most notable indie venues. He’s performed at The Viper Room, State Social House, Bar 20, to name a few, and as a result, his passion and excitement for creating music has become unflinching in its dedication and resolve. Macadangdang argues that the art is spiritual, in a sense, and he derives great solace and healing from the process.

One of the fascinating aspects of Macadangdang’s life has always been his surprisingly frequent run-ins with UFO’s. Many Americans each year claim to see unidentified flying objects, but few can lay claim to the kind of experiences Macadangdang has had. In a span of three years, Macadangdang believes to have encountered six different UFO’s of varying sizes, shapes, and styles.

“The UFO experiences changed my life forever,” he details. “I don’t think they’re here to hurt us. I think they’re here to just observe and protect… like a policeman.” The events haven’t inspired any music from Macadangdang, but they do remain concreted in his essence as a person. Without these encounters, he wouldn’t be the individual or artist he is today.

Outside of his music, Macadangdang is an active scholar and creative. The songwriter holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and has recently launched a business to aid other artists in developing music videos. His faith in God is a catalyst for his work as well, and the ethereal tones of his music and lyrics elegantly reflect that.

‘Beautiful And Amazing’ will be available Friday, July 15, on all major digital distribution platforms via CD Baby. Thus, listeners will be able to find it on retailers like iTunes and Amazon and on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can also expect a lyric video and a music video for the new track, due out shortly after its release.

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