The 10 Most Negative Presidential Campaigns

This book is about the history of negative campaigning in the United States. Donald Trump’s tweets; Hillary’s attack ads. They have nothing over Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, or Lyndon Johnson when it comes to negativity.

ROSWELL, GA – 15 July, 2016 – Epoch Media LLC has just released a new book on 10 of the most negative campaigns in American political history. Called ‘Nasty Politics’ this book was written to inform, and to peak the curiosity of readers about how we elect Presidents.

What’s fascinating is that some of our greatest leaders including Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are included in what some call the “10 Most Negative Presidential Campaigns in US History”.

As you might expect, the media and use of media are highlighted including the use of incendiary pamphlets 200 years ago to spread false information, to the cartoons of Thomas Nast, and the famous ‘Daisy Girl’ TV ad. An 11th chapter highlights Donald Trump’s tweeting as a modern way to attempt to influence the electorate.

We put this book together to help educate people. Students studying this year’s Presidential election; students in media and journalism; book clubs looking for a quick read, but one that provokes good discussion and analysis.

It doesn’t bash anyone (despite the provocative title). Instead it educates us about the history of campaigning, shedding some light and background on our political system and leadership.

To help teachers, book clubs, and anyone interested in learning more about this aspect of American history, we’ve included some questions and exercises to allow people to explore and analyze these campaigns in more detail.

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