Lavasto Creates A New BBQ Experience For Everyone

July, U.S – Maker of home and kitchen products, Lavasto, announces the availability of its Amazon fast-selling 100% non-stick and reusable grill mat, which make grilling or at home outside a great fun. The non-stick Lavasto BBQ grill mat comes as a set of two grill mats and can be cut with scissors for a custom fit with any grill, toaster oven or cooking pan.

Unlike most grilling mats which are not easily washable, Lavasto BBQ grilling mat only needs a simple wash, and it’s good again for safekeeping.

PTFE coated, free of PFOA and FDA approved, Lavasto BBQ grill mat is a professional grade, thicker than Yoshi grill mat,  and resists heat up to 500°F. Thousands of dollars can be saved, as the grilling mat is designed for re-use of a lifetime; it only needs to be wiped down with a paper towel, soapy water or a dishwasher, then it’s ready for another round of activity.

I’m the grill master at home, and the biggest issue is always keeping the grill clean. I was skeptical when I saw an ad about a similar item one late night and immediately went to Amazon to read the product reviews. This item (Lavasto grilling mat) certainly delivers! Tested it out yesterday for the first time, with yakitori on the grill,” comments a buyer.

The buyer comments further, “This recipe is chicken marinated in mirin and sake – a lot of sugar content – so it’s tricky on the grill as the sugar will burn and stick to the grill. Using the grill mat, this was a success and the clean up a snap! I’m ordering more of this to send out to my brothers and friends for Father’s Day!

Grilling mats make food  healthier for consumption. It prevents direct exposure  to fire and makes BBQing a nice experience. Lavasto grilling mat is well trusted by Amazon buyers  as a high-quality premium product.

To purchase Lavasto Grilling mat, check out it’s Amazon Store

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