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After months of research (read: eating ribs), Seriously Smoked has announced their pick for the best electric smoker. This pick was made based on a number of criteria, including cost, warranty options, and quality of food produced.

Seriously Smoked, a website which specializes in reviewing all types of smokers, recently announced their pick for the best electric smoker. This news comes in the wake of many brands of electric smoker entering the marketplace. Electric smokers are growing in popularity because their produce less smoke than their charcoal burning counterparts are easy to manage. The launch of Seriously Smoked’s new smoker review is the result of demand from consumers seeking more insight into the process of purchasing the best electric smoker for their needs.

The editor’s at Seriously Smoked agree that wooden smokers have been overtaken by events and a much modern smoker which uses electricity is necessary. They further add that the use of charcoal burning smokers is decreasing among consumers who prefer more environmentally-friendly choices.

The invention of the electric smoker defines a platform for demand for electric products as opposed to the vintage modes of smokers.  It has also been noted that most household currently use electric products in their kitchens.

Commercial customers haven’t been left out either. A larger version of the smoker for commercial purposes has also been launched concurrently with the invention of the electric series of smokers. Despite the rapidly growing market, Seriously Smoked maintains a list of the best electric smokers that meet the demands of consumers and have compiled a full list here:

The company suggests that, before making a choice on the best electric smoker, some factors need to be considered. The major factors for most people are their budgets, the purpose of the smoker, the type of grill, availability of electricity, durability and warranty.

To purchase an electric smoker, consumers are advised to visit Seriously Smoked before aking their decision. Seriously Smoked also recently announced plans to grow the number of smoker reviews on their website.

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