R&R Technologies Offers Discounts on Rotational Molding Products and Services

R&R Technologies covered Everything from product development to engineering to production. Their expert team is proud to offer their clients on time, cost-effective and high-quality work on a consistent basis.

R&R Technologies (http://www.rrtech.com/) is happy to provide its industrial and automotive customers with rotational molding and related services at incredible prices over the coming weeks and months. They are also willing to provide molded-inserts, custom colors and custom graphics..

Rotational Molding

Commercial and automotive markets are always looking for excellent rotational custom molding at reasonable prices. While some still go with plastic and polymer as the molding methods, it is becoming clear that rotocasting is more cost-effective and produces a better result. These rotational molds are cheaper and easier to alter than any injection or blow molds. The rotational process is perfect for low volume plastics where the annual volume is at 10,000 units or less. Rotational molding provides an incredible level of strength and stability over the long-term.

With rotational molding, the holly uniformed parts are extremely tough, with the resin flowing to the outer edges and creating a finished product with fantastic strength and stability. Material handling products such as containers and packaging can benefit from this long-term, cost-effective solution.

Another reason to go with rotational molding is ability to get parts foam filled with a rigid polyurethane foam. The added foam provides better insulation and greater stability. For example, coolers require the insertion of insulation between the double wall area, and R&R Technologies has the ability to provide customers with such a product. It is also possible to take PVC components and fill them with soft polyurethane foam, which is useful for components such as car seats, armrests and leg bumpers.

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Benefits of Rotational Molding

The main reason rotational molding is preferred to other comparable methods is the cost. The tools and equipment needed to perform rotational molding are extremely affordable, because the molds do not need to survive in a high-pressure environment. Rotational molding is also easier to design and build than comparable molding techniques, which results in a very affordable manufacturing process.

Flexibility is also a huge bonus with rotomoulding. Parts with steel inserts, flanges, company logos and letters, and curves are easy to provide. The flexibility of rotomoulding results in components that are unique, high quality and very cheap.

R&R Technologies Testimonials

Previous clients have only spoken about the fantastic service they received from the technicians and engineers at R&R Technologies. For example, Brad S., a senior buyer from R&R, talks about how they have used the company as their rotomolding supplier for many years. “Whether is it brand new items, or taking on additional volume for existing items, R&R always responds to our requests in a timely manner and meets all of our requirements.”

Automotive and commercial clients who are looking for rotational molding services may contact R&R Technologies through their website, via telephone or by fax. 

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