The Home Savant Announces the Best Juicer

“The Home Savant’s stylish minimalist logo has homeowners the world over talking.”
After a conducting an extensive set of experiments and reviews, the Home Savant announces the best juicer on the market in 2016.

The Home Savant, a website dedicated to bringing you the best curated products, has announced the best juicer on the market. The website aims to have compile a collection of the best juicers in the market, and its focus is on juicers used for both domestic and commercial use.

The company agrees with consumers’ thoughts that there is an overwhelming amount of juicers now on the market – from masticating juicers to centrifugal juicers and beyond. The ever-growing demand for juicers is seen as caused by a few different factors, including a rise in popularity of juice cleanses as well as more awareness of health in general.

The nutrtition and health of readers is of primary importance to The Home Savant. In weighting its reviews, The Home Savant decided to focus on several different review criteria when reviewing juicers, including:

• Cost

• Portability

• How they process fruit and vegetables and how efficiently they extract juice

Preference was given to juicers that feature compartments where residue can be collected and re-used. The editors at The Home Savant appreciate any feedback on the quality of their juicer reviews.

The juicer announced by Home Savant is portable, giving it flexibility in performance. Analysts note that the new juicer covered by HomeSavant will help to increase its market share and improved competition among other juicer review websites.

You can view The Home Savant’s main page here: or view a collection of juicer recipes.

The ever-growing demand of the retail market of the juicers has many analysts expecting continued growth. Production of juicers worldwide continues to increase nearly 50% next year, in 2017. Experts predict a paradigm shift in the market and more brands expected to be launched since Hom eSavant has created a spirit of competition among juicer review websites.

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