Monalica launches an online platform to submit definitions by the users

Monalica is the newly launched website and social encyclopedia project that allows the users to add subjective and informative users on any subject. The website is developed to provide the users, an easily accessible platform where they can find and submit information on all types of topics. The user can make definitions about any subject which can be promoted by the user votes. It will combine user generated content with encyclopedia-likecontent in a neat and fun manner. The website aims to become an entertaining, fun and interactive online encyclopedia for people all over the world.

Monalica features information on topics which are relevant to both indigenous and global users. There is no limit to the information and it will go on increasing with time and with new users entering more information, to ultimately become one giant database of information. The users can add random topics such as shower thoughts, apps, books, places, movies, TV series and nature among thousands of others. Under these topics, the users can submit subjective information and definitions. The other users can vote for these definitions and the highest voted definitions will be listed in ‘today’s and this week’s top voted posts charts.

After registering through a simple process, the users can start submitting the information on the topics and write definitions that directly point to that topic. However, they’ll not be able to reply to previous definitions which are what makes Monalica different from other discussion boards. The users will be able to send private messages instead to communicate their point of view.

At present, Monalica features information on topics such as companies, events, books, how to, movies, plants, products, songs, things, vehicles, videos and websites among many others.  The website also features currently trending topics such as making good conversation, ways to tell someone your love them, good decision making, homeless billionaire, abducted girls and several other topics of common interest and current affairs.

The ‘live feed’ section features the ‘hot topics’ and trending news posted by different users, for instance under the topic ‘making a good conversation’, so far 11 users have posted advice and information. The website also allows the user to filter their search results on various factors and see the different categories of information under the ‘Charts’ option that features ‘top definitions of the day’, ‘top contributors’, ‘top discoverers’, ‘most popular topics’ and others.

More information about the website can be seen at

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