Heartland Plastic Surgery introduces the revolutionary CoolSculpting treatment for patients in the Des Moines Metro

Des Moines, IA – Patients living or working around the Des Moines metro area of Iowa can now benefit from a revolutionary new treatment known as CoolSculpting. Cosmetic surgery keeps evolving and new techniques emerge all the time. Cosmetic surgery rectifies damages caused by injuries while restoring disfigurements. The revolutionary treatment serves both men and women well. What’s more, FDA cleared the technology as safe and effective.

Dr. Cherny, who is the brains behind Heartland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, says, “The most effective and highly recommended treatment for people with unwanted fat cells is often surgery.” In addition to this, he says, “we saw it fit to come up with treatment that eliminates the need for surgery. CoolSculpting is what we prefer and highly recommend to our patients. The treatment eliminates downtime, thus ensuring patients can return to normal living quickly.”

One of the most common types of complaints with cosmetic surgery is that some techniques don’t leave lasting and tangible results. CoolSculpting is different from other techniques. The fact that CoolSculpting is non-invasive makes it appealing to most patients who don’t want surgery. The technique involves freezing and eliminating unwanted fat cells using controlled cooling. The procedure is not only FDA-cleared, but also safe and highly effective.

Eliminating belly fat is a challenge to many patients. It’s a challenge to many experts in cosmetic surgery. Freezing the fats using this technology makes the results fast, safe and permanent. After the treatment, the patient’s body continues processing and eliminating the treated fat cells, thus reducing belly fat. Patients are assured of permanent results, thus no more need for worrying about the fat cells growing back on the same spot.

Just as is the case with other types of cosmetic surgery, patients are highly advised to consult their doctors to determine their eligibility for CoolSculpting. Heartland PS recommends the technique for any person who’s interested in body sculpting, fat reduction and getting the body back into shape. Furthermore, the results patients get from this procedure are more reassuring and impressive than what mommy makeovers produce.

Therefore, CoolSculpting Des Moines is a great treatment. It’s non-surgical, thus not invasive as other procedures. It’s safe and effective at eliminating unwanted and annoying fat cells around the belly. Call Heartland PS over the phone to learn more about the procedure.

You may send an email to Heartland PS or visit http://heartlandps.com/coolsculpting-des-moines-iowa/ to learn more or book an appointment.

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