Top Damp Proofing Company In Sunderland Launches New Website

Blue Forest North East Ltd Provides Northern England With Damp Proofing Options

Washington, North East England – Dampness can create unsightly patches on the walls, ceilings, and floors of a home, and worse things that most homeowners don’t see right away. The moisture from a damp area can quickly lead to the growth of mold, which is dangerous for a home and those who inhabit it. Those who continue to live in a damp, moldy environment are keeping themselves at risk for sustained failure of the immune and respiratory systems. Dampness, particularly rising damp, can cause structural damage to a home, collapsing it’s market value. The local damp specialists at Blue Forest Ltd have experienced the various types of damp, and can come up with the right solution for each problem, home, and budget in order to make sure that the problem does not recur.

Based in Sunderland, Blue Forest provides damp proofing solutions in Northern England that utilize the latest technology available in the UK. Each damp proofing specialist is involved in regular training courses delivered by industry experts, furthering their knowledge and experience in damp proofing systems. Blue Forest begins each damp proofing project with a free damp survey, which allows them to find the overall problem and the specific type of damp. Dampness may be caused by condensation, penetrating dampness from a home’s exterior, and rising dampness. Blue Forest is able to recognize these problems and supply homeowners with an affordable solution, carried out by their experienced damp proofing specialists.

Throughout Sunderland and the surrounding areas, Blue Forest is known for their customer service and satisfaction. Their customers receive a response within a few hours of their call, and almost immediately in emergency situations. All of the company’s services are insurance backed, which has helped them to create lasting relationships with their customers based on trust. For Blue Forest, helping local homeowners is what the company is all about. Although the company is continually updating their skills and delivering first class solutions to damp problems in Northern England, they have relied upon word of mouth from their many satisfied clients to grow their business, until now. With the launch of the new company website,, Blue Forest hopes to continue drawing in their clients through word of mouth, only on a larger scale.

“As a business based around the satisfaction of our clients, it has always been important to us to keep our business growing through those happy customers,” explains Brendan Carr, owner of Blue Forest. “We’re hoping that the introduction of the new website will help us to reach more homeowners in Northern England, so that we can help them with their damp problems before they cause mold or structural damage. As we help more homes find solutions for their damp problems, we’ll continue our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers, including our 100% guarantee.”

Blue Forest is a damp proofing company in Washington, Sunderland and devoted to finding and repairing the damp problems of homes throughout Northern England. The company has been built on word of mouth from their satisfied clients, and the company hopes to continue that tradition through the use of their new company website. Damp problems in a home can often lead to unsightly spotting on walls and other surfaces, structural damage, and even health concerns if mold has begun to grow. Blue Forest uses the latest technology and skills in damp proofing in order to locate and repair a damp problem in a home, before it gets worse.

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